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Synology DS216se vs Synology DS218j Review: Pros and Cons

Which of these Synology DS216se vs. Synology DS218j is perfect for the small or home office environment? Both of them offer a compact design and extreme power to use in the house. Build your private cloud storage.

Synology DS216se Review


From the outside, Synology DS216SE is encased in white plastic and has a compact design that makes it perfect for use on a desk without creating a cluttered look. The lower left-hand side is printed with the model number and power button, and the right-hand side, there is 4 LED lights indicator.


Synology DS216SE is featured with fancy features and backed with two years limited warranty. The floating unit point enables you to save energy consumption as it can schedule the power on/off. The bulletproof backup will protect your data by duplicate your data into a secure and reliable source both online and offline server.

It is easy to access your file anytime and anywhere. The Quick connect feature allow you to connect the data to the single address you already customized so you can start work on Windows/Mac/Linux or computer and other mobile devices. The file-sharing and synching allow you to centralize all files and access from the first platform.

The smart 24/7 security solution with surveillance video will improve your home protection. It is safeguarded protection in your home with removal live viewing, intelligent analytics, and event notifications.

The unit is also able to turn your DiskStation into a personal multimedia server by connects it with favorite media devices such as smartphones Apple TV, Samsung Tv, Google Chromecast, and many more.

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Synology DS216se Pros and cons

  • It is mass storage capacity in compact design
  • Comes with a lot of DSM options
  • Up to 16 TB
  • Very efficient
  • There are no hot-swap drives
  • There are no ports for USB 3.0
  • This is not supported for iSCSI

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Synology DS218j Review


This is a robust, diskless cloud for your home. It has built with much processing power. Designed with a simple, white box and featured with status lights for disk capacity and network connection in front. 2 USB ports in the back connect to an external disk for backup or copy files from and to NAS.


Have your cloud storage with this Synology DS218j. This is storage with a big capacity that is perfect for storing media such as photos and videos, movies, and relevant data. It has features with file sharing and synching that allows you to create a center for file and access them all with multiple platforms.

The maximum raw storage capacity can reach 24 TB. CPU made with dual-core 1.3 GHz. This device is able to turn DiskStation into your home as a home media hub and streams any data such as pictures, mp3, TV shows, and movies into several platforms such as TV, smartphones, DLNA devices, and many more.

It also featured bulletproof backup and 24/7 smart security solutions. Synology technology will maintain your data and ensure the data is safe. It will protect and backup your data from accidental data loss.

The Surveillance Station offers intelligent monitoring and video surveillance to protect the home. The system is built with flexible event notifications and smart analytics.

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Synology DS218j Pros and cons

  • Everywhere accessibility with mobile apps in iOS. Android and Windows device
  • Support media streaming
  • No cables involved
  • The friendly user interface as versatile entry-level for home and personal cloud storage
  • Low power consumption
  • There are some quirks related to its software
  • There is no higher-level features and also functionality since it is designed for the entry-level
  • The memory is only 512 megabytes.

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If your home office needs external storage that supports your media storage, edit, and many more, Synology DS218j is better to choose. This is also built with more durable material rather than Synology DS216se. However, if you want to have extra storage, Synology Ds216se is the better to choose. It is also more efficient and save energy use.

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