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Synology DS216play vs Synology DS416play Review Comparison

Do you want to share multimedia files with other electronic devices or computers? If you’re going to get it, using a disk station is the right option. Synology’s disk stations will assist you to transfer files. Synology DS216play vs Synology DS416play is interestingly discussed to be the chosen disk station. Which one do you prefer?

Synology DS216Play Review

The first disk station is called Synology DS216Play. This is a two-bay rich feature of NAS with a strong multimedia processing feature.

Synology DS216Play also offers a 4K Ultra HD real-time transcoding feature. That is why the Synology series is a perfect disk station for multimedia, media, and file sharing.

What makes you trust to use this disk station for multimedia? Indeed, it embeds several great features. It has a powerful dual-core CPU for the most reliable performance. MPEG–4 part 2 and MPEG feature makes it more perfect.

Synology DS216 is not a file-sharing purpose only, but it is working for multimedia play. To support the better display, it has been supported by 4K resolution with 30 maximum fps. The 4K Ultra video transcoding feature also creates a clearer display on the computer.

It has been powered and supported by the latest Synology Disk Station Manager to manage file sharing. Also, it can serve as a backup target for file or multimedia sharing. That was amazing. The system of Synology NAS with Cloud Station Backup is working on both Mac and Windows so that you may back up any files to the computer.

What about the memory of this disk station? Don’t worry it gives 1GB for ddr3 and quick USB 3.0 transfer rates enabling you to transfer multimedia files quickly. It amazes you with FTP built–in to help you organize file sharing at an advanced application easily. The internal raw capacity is quite wide about 20TB.

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Synology DS416play Review

Synology DS416play should be beaten to the previous Synology disk station. Synology DS216play vs Synology DS416play is a good comparison of two fantastic disk station products. It applies a diskless concept.

This Synology product is a disk station of the DS416play series with incredible features. It is a 4-bay NAS server to create a fun experience in file sharing.

Some features of Synology DS416play make you sure to purchase this disk station. It has a massive storage capacity allowing you to save your files and multimedia library. Then, you can turn it into a multimedia center in this disk station.

It is the right choice for you who want to see a clearer display because it has been embedded by a hardware transcoding engine. The engine can convey and encourage the time transcoding up to 4K Ultra HD resolution. What does it mean? Of course, it will have a clearer and better image display. This is also working to connect for a wide variety of devices easily.

The disk station has a full HD system in which it can transfer clearer video transcoding and display for 1080p. It makes you very comfortable to watch movies or even transfer any multimedia files to the other devices.

Synology DS416 is giving you high quality and performance of streaming videos and experience. Your streaming activity will run smoothly without buffering. To support disk station performance, the Synology series embeds a dual-core CPU delivering 225.68 MB per second for reading and up to 160 MB per second for writing.

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It has been explained in detail about Synology DS216play vs Synology DS416play. Both have amazing and superior features to support multimedia and file sharing. Synology DS216Play has a quick performance. But, Synology DS416play won’t get lost with its massive storage for more capacities.

Regarding the features above, Synology DS216play is much recommended. It has more complete features. However, finally, it depends on your choice and needs.

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