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Synology DS216J vs Synology DS416J Review: Pros and Cons

Synology DS216J vs. Synology DS416j is an exciting product. Complete storage media can be found from both products. Maybe you do not realize that both of these products do have an advantage that suits your needs.

Synology releases storage media that will not disappoint consumers. Consumers can see reviews about storage media.

Synology DS216J Review


Storage media has a unique design. The design looks good for all your rooms. The exterior has an elegant white color. Storage media is rectangular.

Four lights will light up in green when you use the storage media. Large black buttons are visible on the front. The Synology logo is on the side.


File sharing is a feature that allows you to share data over multiple computers. There are several computers connected to the storage media. The computer can access the data. Some people can work together in various locations. The personal multimedia server can be connected to the television to enjoy the internet.

You can view pictures, watch movies, and more from some devices like Apple TV, smartphones, and more. Bulletproof backups are used to organize data and ensure that all the data has been stored in a safe place.

Synology has created a secure system so you can copy your data from all devices. The smart security solution used in storage media is Surveillance Station. The station will send you a video to keep an eye on your home in a flexible way. Notifications will be sent to the user’s phone.

Quick Connect will help you to connect with storage media. You can view your data outside the home or elsewhere. Synology provides an easy solution for your data storage.

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Synology DS216J Pros and Cons


  • Storage media that have SOHO performance with good quality
  • There are many multimedia features on the storage media
  • File management is great
  • Great security system
  • The design is elegant and simple
  • A system that is easy to understand and use by everyone
  • Has a low writing performance
  • Lack of drive bays slot

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Synology DS416j Review


Synology DS416j does not have a special design. Storage media has a black color with a boring box shape. The power button is located right in the middle of the storage media.

You can see some other buttons that display notifications from the storage media. The button will change to green in the working mode so that the button notifies the performance of the storage media.


Hard disks are eligible to support all applications developed by Synology. You can control the data by downloading the app on the phone. Cloud Sync helps you to access all data from other devices.

Public storage consists of One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. There are many options for copying data on storage media. The data will get complete protection from storage media. Maybe you want to manage the data, and it can be done from the laptop.

Private clouds are storage media designed for individuals. You can connect to a private network in no time and view your data. Storage media also provides the most efficient way to organize data. Writing speed is 101 MB / s. The reading speed is 112 MB / s.

If you want to provide surveillance cameras for your home, then the storage media can work with Amcrest Camera. The security camera can be viewed on your phone. The camera will store on the storage media.

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Synology DS416j Pros and Cons

  • Hardware encryption engine
  • Power consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Two free licenses
  • USB 3.0 compatibility
  • Can use four hard drives
  • Beta 8.0 Surveillance Station
  • The amount of RAM is limited and cannot be upgraded
  • HDD trays are made of plastic and cannot withstand vibrations
  • Not equipped with an HDMI port
  • Poor design

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Synology DS416j has a better performance compared to Synology DS216J. Both devices have full multimedia features, but Synology DS216j does not have a private cloud for you. Synology DS416j has a bad design. Synology DS216j has a better design compared to Synology DS416j.

The designs fit the elegant look, but function and performance are also a consideration. That’s the review about Synology DS216J vs. Synology DS416j.

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