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Synology DS216j vs Synology DS216play Review Comparison

Each designed for efficient and cooling operation, the battle between Synology DS216j vs. Synology DS216play is undoubtedly interesting to be discussed in detail. Powerful performance, affordable price, and all-in-one solutions are what these devices offer in the first place. To see closer how each machine works, check out the detailed review below.

Synology DS216j Review

This device is known for being a faster personal cloud solution as it works very well in managing data and media and also backing up the machines with high-speed data transfer performance. It easily fits anywhere thanks to its noise dampening design.

Synology DS216j offers easy file access via QuickConnect. Just make sure the internet connection works fine, and you can easily access the file without any hassle, rules, and other complicated network settings.

Simple customizable is available to allow you to connect using the QuickConnect feature. This way, it doesn’t take too much time to access work files and media instantly without additional charge.

Thanks to the company that this device supports seamless integration with any kind of mobile device. Each Synology mobile application is specially designed for secure and quick access to the data regardless of your position.

Synchronizing the files across devices is something you can handle with your eyes closed thanks to real-time data synchronization with any device, including mobile devices and computers. In this product, the file is modified already that it can make sure that the most critical file versions are kept well for better storage space utilization.

Another feature is its disk mirroring for redundancy thanks to two necessary volumes, JBOD and RAID 0/1. This way, it is not difficult to choose among the JBOD, RAID0, and RAID1 for improved performance, additional security, and more flexible storage options that are designed to suit different individual needs.

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Synology DS216play Review

Here comes the challenger, the Synology DS216play which offers its pros and highlighted features. This device is loved thanks to its good file transfer performance, simple hardware installation, excellent OS with attractive UI, streaming, and video transcoding to mobile devices.

However, it also has some cons like being picky over the 4K video type and is more expensive compared to other 2-bay NAS units.

Let’s start with its key features that include Synology DiskStation Manager 5.2, RAID0, JBOD, and RAID1 disk configurations, Synology hybrid raid, 4k support for on-the-fly video transcode, and an affordable price. Being a Synology means that this device supports the feature-packed NAS OS DiskStation Manager, which is known to be slick.

Its design and physical appearance tend to be simple with the plastic chassis in matte black that features the Synology logo that is etched on both sides. This device has 5 LEDs located at the front, which indicate the network’s connection status. At the bottom, a large power button sits.

Just like other NAS units, this one doesn’t particularly need a powerful CPU unless it is specially designed to support enterprise use that requires separate access permissions for hundreds of clients.

When being used as a torrent client, this device is considered pretty useful, especially when it comes to long and slow downloads. Many video formats are supported with this device including VC-1, MPEG2, MPEG4, HEVC, and other lower resolutions videos. It has 16TB of maximum listed storage by using two 8TB hard disks.

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With considerably low prices, both these Synology units make a great choice. To decide which the right unit to buy is, pay attention to your specific needs. Make a simple choice to make sure the unit is suitable for handling your needs.

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