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Synology DS216J vs Qnap TS-231P Review Comparison

There are so many recommended disk stations that can be your choice. Sometimes, people feel so confused to choose the best disk station. How about Synology DS216J VS QNAP TS-231P? If you want to know which is the best one between them, you can read some reviews below.


Synology DS216J Review

Talking about disk stations, Synology always releases a high-quality disk station. One disk station from Synology is Synology DS216J. It is a high-quality disk station that gives the best performance because it makes you more comfortable sharing, access, and sync your data. Synology DS216J is the right disk station for every people who need quick access to their file or data.

Synology DS216J comes as a disk station that looks elegant because the dimension is just 3.5 inches. It is also completed with 512 MB RAM and is able to carry terabytes of data. Finished with a mobile application, it makes it easy to access the data through other devices.

With Synology DS216J, the synchronization process is also easy and finally makes every person easy to access files from public cloud providers, such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.

People usually choose to buy disk stations to make every data always save. Synology DS216J is also an excellent choice to give a simple backup solution. It is so reliable and affordable to protect files and data.

Various backup options are available, such as backup to other NAS, backup to the cloud, external devices, and more. Not only that, Synology DS216J is the solution for managing and organizing all collections of movies, music, and notes.

With Synology Ds216J, sharing data, accessing data, and synchronizing data will be so easy. There are still many advantages you will get from Synology DS216J.

For example, it works well with Armrest security cameras to monitor, record, and view what you love from anywhere in the world.


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QNAP TS-231P Review

Now, let’s talk about QNAP TS-231P. QNAP is also a good brand that always releases the right quality disk station. QNAP TS-231P is also a good choice for every person who needs a reliable disk station. This NAS comes with multiple USB 3.0 ports. It enhances productivity because it allows you to arrange a task with various external devices.

QNAP TS-231P also comes with an excellent interface. When it is connected to another device, the interface looks better, smarter, smoother, and more spectacular. Finally, it will be so easy to operate. Every process of transferring data or accessing data can be done quickly.

There are still many features of QNAP TS-231P. It comes with comprehensive security options. Because every person always wants to protect their data on disk station, QNAP TS-231P comes with various security options, such as IP blocking, encrypted access, 2-step verification, and many more. So, every data will always be safe and secure.

Dual-Core processor is also the best feature of QNAP TS-231P. It delivers perfect performance. With QNAP TS-231P, writing documents will be so easy too. Yes, NAP TS-231P is completed with Notes Station which allows you to write and design materials. It provides tools for editing images so that you can create the right design documents.

QmailAgent and Qcontactz will also help you to manage email or contact. With QNAP TS-231P, managing files can be done via the internet. Data on QNAP TS-231P can be easily connected to public cloud services, such as OneDrive, Box, Yandex Disk, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more. So, there is no reason not to buy QNAP TS-231P.

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From the reviews above, we can conclude that Synology DS216J and QNAP TS-231P are high-quality disk stations that come with various features. Both of them are an excellent choice for every person who needs a high-quality disk station.

But if we analyze every feature, QNAP TS-231P comes with the better feature because it has a better user interface, complete with image editing documents, and many more. Hopefully, some information about Synology DS216J VS QNAP TS-231P above is useful for you.

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