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Synology DS118 vs Synology DS216play Review: Pros and Cons

Synology is a kind of electronics device company producing several tremendous NAS servers. It has released some products in the market for years. It is not surprising that it always seeds number one sales. Synology DS118 and Synology DS216 play become recommended products to have. It is getting interested in comparing Synology DS118 vs Synology DS216play.

Synology DS118 Review

Synology DS118 is a good NAS server having multiple features. In the review, you’ll see some points, including design, features, and pros and contras.


Synology DS118 is a simply powerful NAS server. The package and appearance of this server can be seen from the model. It has a modern design which black dominates this server. It consists of four notification lights to give a sign for users about the strength of the signals. A black color server is easily matching to any other electronic device.


Synology DS118 is categorized to be a 1 – bay NAS tower. This NAS server has some fantastic features making you trust to use it. It is empowered by four core processors. It means that it will have a stronger and powerful performance than only a dual-core. Moreover, it is supported by 1GB RAM for running multiple programs on this server. It will be free of buffering.

Also, it has a feature of the hardware encryption engine. This is offering a fast and encrypted speed for detecting data of more than 110 MB per second. It helps you to finish your job quickly.

To keep and save the data, you shouldn’t get worried because it has a wide storage system. In this system, it has a quick connected feature and data backup for being an ultimate solution to keep your data.

A fantastic feature is about transcoding in which it is supporting videos on the fly for H565 4k 10 bit. It is running some multimedia types. To run those sophisticated features, it is embedded by the disk station manager to be its operating system. Those are enough to compare this server in Synology DS118 vs. Synology DS216play.

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Synology DS118 Pros and Cons

  • Synology DS118 has a fantastic design and package
  • This NAS has a cooling fan to cool the device so that it is not overheating
  • Some software applications will be found in this device
  • Fast and powerful performance
  • It has a bigger design making you keep it difficulty

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Synology DS216play Review

Synology DS216Play becomes another server item from Synology. It is similar to the previous server having some great features to know.


Synology DS216play has no significant changes in its design. It imitates the following server series. It is made of matte black plastic chassis so that it looks exquisite and luxurious. A signature of Synology is etched to both sides of this server box. It seems simply powerful and beautiful to be a NAS server design.


Synology DS216Play is a kind of 2 – bay NAS server. It has 1GB DDR3 for its RAM type. Of course, it has powerful multimedia processing and a real-time transcoding process of up to 4K Ultra HD videos.

Synology DS216Play is getting perfect with the embedded dual-core CPU with 32 bit MPEG – 4 part. With a maximum resolution of up to 4K, it can present a clean and clear display of images on your computer.

If you get interested in living streaming or multimedia streaming, Synology DS216play will help you so much. It has been embedded by DLNA certified for a media streaming process with memory up to 1GB. An available USB 3.0 port is accelerating the performance of transferring rates. Indeed, it is running smoothly.

An operating system of this server uses Synology Disk Station Manager for stable performance. It can serve centralized backup data and target your operating system of computers like Linux, Microsoft, or others.

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Synology DS216Play Pros and Cons

  • It has 4K video support
  • Having robust and fast transferring performance
  • Simple hardware installation
  • Able to use VPN connection out of the box easily
  • No PLEX support is available
  • It is lack of SD card slot

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Regarding the above explanation about Synology DS118 vs. Synology DS216play, it can be concluded that Synology DS118 is the better one. Synology DS118 is much recommended than Synology DS216play if it is compared to its features, design, and pros, and contras. Synology DS118 has more promising features with high performance.

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