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Synology DS118 vs Synology DS216J Review: Pros and Cons

Synology is a high reputation server company launching some great server products. Synology DS118 and Synology DS216J have become two excellent NAS servers from Synology company.

Those have amazing features such as media streaming, backup data feature, and file-sharing getting perfect for offices and homes. A comparison of Synology DS118 vs. DS216J is used to know the best one.

Synology DS118 Review

Synology DS118 becomes the first NAS server to discuss. It has some aspects to reveal, including design, features, and pros and contras about this fantastic NAS server.


Synology DS118 has a beautiful design as a NAS server. It has a black color covering this spare part. It looks futuristic because it is made of high-quality materials for this fantastic server.

There are some notification lights to show signal and network of this server. The design looks like a computer CPU, but it is a small-size version.


Synology DS118 is a 1-bay NAS tower completed by four-cores processors and 1GB RAM. It is sufficient to improve its performance to transfer secure networks and links. With a hardware encryption engine, this server offers encrypted speed for writing and reading more than 110MB per second.

This is an excellent solution for an ideal storage system completed with data backup and quick connect features. Those are enabling users to access data from many locations. NAS server is also supporting transcoding on the fly for H565 4k 10 bit-type videos to give various multimedia. It is running on the operating system of the disk station manager.

It is categorized to be the most developed and intuitive system offering various applications including multimedia, productivity tools, and file sharing for the NAS server. A 24/7 smart security solution is available on this server for monitoring videos and live streaming activities. Easy file access is embedded in this server in which you can connect to any computer operating system.

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Synology DS118 Pros and Cons

  • Having superior design and package
  • Being embedded in a cooling fan keeping this server device from overheating
  • The excellent software applications are integrated
  • High durability that can be used for years
  • Easy operation and installation
  • Having a fast and perfect performance
  • A little big shape of this NAS server

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Synology DS216J Review

Synology DS118 vs. DS216J is an excellent guideline to take a better choice of two fantastic server products. It is right to talk about the Synology DS2167 review to recognize the performance and detailed products.


The design of Synology DS216J is a little bit unique. It is not the same as the Synology DS118 having a dominant black color. It has a silver color box making it look luxurious. There are four notification lights to give signal signs for the users. The letter “Synology” is engraved on the center of this NAS server box.


Synology DS216J is categorized to be a 2-bay NAS server in which it is perfectly suitable for home, office, and personal users. It enables us to make a cloud system. This server is also more potent so that it gives you high performance. This NAS server is embedded by dual-core 1.0 GHz for a strong performance.

This can outpace to transfer of links and signals for users. It offers a maximum internal capacity of about 20TB in which it can store more data and information. Maximum single volume is available for 16 TB to catch stronger sound while using this server. Those features make this disk station server having tremendous performance.

Also, the installation of incredible software enables the improvement of this server. Synology DS216J also proffers a 24/7 smart security solution for monitoring videos and protecting your home server. It is easy to access files anywhere and anytime as well with Quick Connect.

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Synology DS216J Pros and Cons

  • Having a dual USB 3.0 ports
  • Being a great product for a NAS server newcomer
  • It has a capable and reliable dual-core performance
  • It has been embedded by a class-leading and sophisticated operating system for a better performance
  • The operating system is too advanced for beginners
  • It is unable to transcode videos
  • It has no front-facing USB port

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After recognizing the two products of the Synology NAS server above, it can be concluded that Synology DS216J is a better choice to make a deal. This server has one level of the competitor. It is a 2-bay NAS server with a powerful, speedy, and faster performance than Synology DS118. Synology DS118 vs. Synology DS216J puts DS216J to be a winner.

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