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Synology DS118 vs Synology DS116 Review: Pros, Cons and Verdict

Synology DS118 vs. Synology DS116 may be a confusing option for you in choosing the right products for the Synology NAS device. Using the right NAS device surely will give you a bunch of benefits and simplicity. It is good to make a comparison from several factors, including the design, features, and even the pros and cons.

Synology DS118 Review


Synology DS118 offers a good model of NAS devices. This device is entirely minimalist and simple with its compact design as well. Thus, it would not take much space.

The design is also simple yet elegant with its black color. You will find some indicators which show the activities of the disk, the status of the system, and even the network.


This Synology disk station offers some great features. Sure, considering the elements are essential, especially in dealing with the Synology DS118 vs. Synology DS116. Synology DS118 is a high-performance NAS with one bay and is diskless. This disk station offers you complete data control with convenience. It provides simplicity in accessing the data anywhere using mobile apps.

This Synology NAS device is powered by the 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU, which of course affects much of its performance. For the speed, it can read about 112 megabytes per second and also more than about 113 megabytes per second for its sequential reading speed. The feature of the DDR4 memory, which is about one gigabyte, will also give you a bunch of benefits.

Some other great features can be obtained from this disk station device. It is including bulletproof backups, secure file sharing and also syncing, and many more. This can also be part of your smart, effective security solution.

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Synology DS118 Pros and Cons

  • Simple access no matter where or when using mobile applications
  • Providing intuitive software
  • The low energy use
  • Good speed
  • Ease of use and installations even for beginners
  • Only with one drive bay
  • No Docker supports or trans-coding engines

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Synology DS116 Review


The design does matter in dealing with the Synology DS118 vs. Synology DS116. Synology DS116 has a similar style of design to other Synology DiskStation. It is minimalist yet straightforward with its compact body.

The cooling fans also work effectively without producing any worse noise. There are also a single LAN port and two USB ports.


Talking about the Synology DS118 vs. Synology DS116 means we need to notice the features of the device. The DS116 uses the dual-core CPU, which is also with the hardware encryptions engine. It provides high speed. For the writing speed, it is about more than 111 megabytes per second, and more than 112 megabytes per second for its reading speed.

There are also some other features that you can find on this device. It is including the dual ports of USB 3.0, which will be helpful for the printer and also external storage. There is also the LAN port. It also supports multimedia streaming using the media server, which is DLNA certified. Sure, it offers simplicity for the users then.

Another great feature is also provided by this NAS DiskStation. It is about the use of one Gigabytes memory of DDR3. Of course, the convenience of using this device can be obtained. The files or data can also be easily accessed anywhere, using mobile apps.

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Synology DS116 Pros and Cons

  • Offers the great performance
  • A bunch of apps and features
  • Simplicity in operation and installation
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Good design with the compact body and also no worse noise
  • There is no Hardware transcoding engine.

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In conclusion, both the Synology DS116 and DS118 have similar features. They are actually in the primary type of the NAS DiskStation from Synology.

However, if you need the hardware transcoding engine, perhaps the Synology DS118 is what will be right for you. Still, you need to consider your need before deciding Synology DS118 vs. Synology DS116.

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