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Snaptain SP500 vs Snaptain SP650 Review: Pros and Cons

Many drones are produced by SNAPTAIN. From various products available, SNAPTAIN SP500 Vs SNAPTAIN SP650 belongs to the best options. So, it is interesting to compare them in detail if you want to know the better one for your needs. Here, we will focus on their designs, features, and pros & cons.



It starts from the dimensions, it measures 12.9 inches x 12.9 inches x 2.2 inches. With these dimensions, it weighs 250 grams. Based on the design, it belongs to a foldable drone with a solid built. It comes with 6 additional propellers.


Many features can be enjoyed from this drone. First, it comes with a pair of LED lights in the front. They look awesome, especially at night. Besides that, it features an HD camera. Then, it comes with a lithium polymer battery in 1000 mAh. This battery is very useful to fly it up to 15 minutes. There is also an extra battery for the double flight time.

Some nasty features are also available. One of them is the Orbit Mode or circle fly. Besides, there is also a gesture control that lets you take photos simply with certain gestures. Headless mode also belongs to an awesome feature.

You can also enjoy its Follow Me mode. This feature lets you lock it with your Smartphone and the drone follows you wherever. Fap-Fly is the next feature. It lets the drone fly along the set path.

In addition, it features Return to Home mode. Next, you can also use its good and comfortable controller. This controller is powered by a Li-Ion battery that comes with 3.7v. One more, it has a camera that can provide 1080p resolution.

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SNAPTAIN SP500 Pros and Cons

  • 6 additional propellers
  • Solid build
  • An extra battery
  • Perfect camera
  • The brushless motors are not powerful enough
  • Buggy app
  • The on-flight lens adjustment feature is not available

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This drone is made from ABS plastic that is durable. It comes with a camera underneath the drone. You can see propellers with tan color stripes. It also has LED lights. It comes with foldable motor arms. Anyway, the size makes this drone very portable and practical.


It starts from its camera, there is a 1080p camera built-in the drone. This camera comes with a 90-degree adjustable design as well as a 120-degree FOV. This camera is very excellent to capture FHD videos. Then, you can save the videos on an SD card. In fact, this drone supports microSD cards up to 64GB.

About the flight, it offers a 12-minute flight time. You can operate it at an 80-meter distance. It comes with many features that can be used even by beginners like adjustable speed mode, auto altitude hold, and auto take-off & landing. This drone can also do basic 360-degree circles & rotations. Some different modes of flight are available like trajectory flight mode.

For the controls, there are 4 features you can use. The first is a remote controller. This one is the easiest way to pilot the drone. The second is gravity control. This is a good idea for you who are interested in controlling adorned uniquely. Voice control is the next feature. You just need to say “start”, “stop”, “take-off”, “land”, etc. Another feature is gesture control where you can pilot it using certain gestures.

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SNAPTAIN SP650 Pros and Cons

  • Well-built
  • Versatile
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Many safety features
  • Multiple controls
  • No extra battery
  • SD card is not included

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Which Is Better, SNAPTAIN SP500 or SNAPTAIN SP650?

Both drones come with solid builds and excellent cameras. SNAPTAIN SP500 can be a good deal as it includes an extra battery. However, SNAPTAIN SP650 seems better as it offers multiple flight modes, multiple controls, and more safety features.

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