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Shark NV360 vs Shark NV752 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

For one person cleaning a big house is not at all easy. It not only consumes time but also takes lots of energy!

You can’t handle so much on your own and should get a vacuum cleaner that makes this work easier and less time-consuming! In this list, we will look at shark nv360 and nv752.

Here are a quick comparison and reviews of two great vacuum bots!

Shark NV360 Review

It is one of the most accepted and most popular vacuum cleaners. People love this machine because it offers some of the outstanding features!

If you are wondering that this machine is suitable for you or not, then take a look at its features!

Shark NV360 Features

  • Lift-away technology

This is the most innovative feature of shark NV 360. By pushing a single button you can lift a dirt canister. This is the most convenient technology as it lets you clean the hard-to-reach surfaces and the areas under your furniture or stairs.

  • Multi-floor Cleaner

Definitely, you cannot get a separate vacuum for separate floors. Shark Envy 316 is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner that adjusts with the different surfaces like the carpet or the hard floors and cleans them very easily.

It is very easy to make an adjustment and the suction power by choosing the type of surface!

  • Swivel Steering

This straightforward vacuum cleaner comes with swivel steering technology. It is the best solution for effective and quick clean-up with minimum effort!

  • Filtration

Which 360 comes with the HEPA filter as well as anti-allergen seal technology. Its grade filtration system can trap the smallest dirt particle and allergens.

This system is very useful for those people who are allergic to pollen grains or dust. Another great thing is that these filters are washable as well as reusable.

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Shark NV360 Pros and Cons

  • The multi-floor cleaning system
  • Fitted with a dust cup
  • Less noise while cleaning
  • Comes with all adjustment, need no extra purchase
  • Remove allergies
  • Washable and reusable filter
  • No headlight
  • Short power cord

Shark NV752 Review

This vacuum bit is represented great advancement to shark vacuums. What makes it great is its cleaner head as well as its pet tool.

These are electrically powered and not air-powered to offer better cleaning. This model is best for people who have pets in their house. As the cleaner traps per hair very easily!

Shark NV752 Features

Lifetime HEPA filter- this model is fitted with a lifetime HEPA filter that allows you to trap dust and dirt effectively.

Also, the anti-allergen deal technology makes the environment allergin-free.

  • Swivel steering

for smooth and better cleaning of edges and corner of the house and cleaning under furniture, there is swivel steering technology used.

  • Fingertip Control

for easy controlling of the brush roll, there is the fingertip control system. You can turn it off and off as per your needs and also there are built headlights fitted to clean even in the dark areas.

  • Warranty

This is a great model as it offers 5 years warranty to its user. Thus, you can rely on Shark NV752 for all your cleaning needs.

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Shark NV752 Pros and Cons

  • Pet tool to get rid of pet hairs
  • Detachable canister
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime HEPA filter
  • Fingertip control system
  • Headlight fitted
  • Quite heightened handle and wand which can feel little uncomfortable in the hand

Difference between Shark NV360 and Shark NV752

Both of the models have common features but few extra features are available in Shark NV752.

There is no headlight fitted in Shark NV360 but the same is available in Shark NV752. There is not a pet tool in Shark NV360 but the same is offered in Shark NV752. Thus, for someone who has a pet in your house, Shark NV360 is not preferred.

Which is better, Shark NV360 or Shark NV752?

When you compare the features, the Shark NV752 comes out better choice than Shark NV360 due to its pet tool feature and 5 years warranty, and headlight feature.

Also, fingertip control is something that makes it easy for users to control cleaning. But you can choose one among the two as per your cleaning needs. As both of them does the cleansing work with accuracy!

We hope now you can get the best vacuum cleaner which will make cleaning your house stress-free and quick!


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