Shark ION AV751 vs Roomba 675 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

So you are tired of cleaning your house but there is no end to the dust and debris?

Why don’t you leave the cleaning work to the robotic vacuums?

Yeah, you heard it right!

These robotic vacuum cleaners take full care of your house and debris. Vacuum cleaner automatically cleans the whole house!

Let’s know about shark ION AV751 and Roomba 675!

Shark ION AV751 Reviews

Shark ION AV751 is a robot vacuum cleaner that is widely available in the market. It offers high-end specs you won’t be found in any other entry-level robot!

Let’s take a look at the interesting features and the performance of av751

Shark ION AV751 Features and Specs

Triple action brushes

AV 751 robotic vacuum has to per brush system consisting of a two-side brush, multi-surface brush roll, and the channel brush. When the robot moves around the floor the site brushes extend to draw the dirt in and cleans the debris from the edges.

Sensor for navigation

AV 751 does not come with an advanced navigation system but has a smart sensor navigation 2.0 that keeps the robot safe from falling off the stairs and bumping into the wall. However, you won’t get advances like programmable no-go zones and the mapping system in them.

Running Time

For AV 751 the running time is 120 minutes for cleaning the whole house. For an entry-level board, it is quite impressive as most of its peers only run for 60-90 minutes! Long run time is beneficial as it cleans the wider surface like 1000 square feet before needing to refuel.

App and Assistant Support

AV 751 is a robot that comes with Wi-Fi support. Also, you can download the shark Ion robot application on your device to run it from any location. But it is important to make sure that your phone, as well as the robot, is connected to the internet.

Apart from that, you can set up the cleaning time or command it manually to start or stop or recharge!

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Shark ION AV751 Pros and Cons

  • Navigates obstacles easily
  • Easy to control through voice commands or app
  • The clean wide area with accuracy
  • WiFi support
  • Random cleaning pattern
  • No multiple cleaning modes provided

Irobot Roomba 675 Reviews

iRobot Roomba 675 is also a vacuum cleaner bit that comes with WiFi connectivity, scheduling, app control, and voice support features

Irobot is the most preferred robot in the market as they adjust according to the type of floor or the surface and works with accuracy.

Some features are lacking in this model but overall it provides satisfactory cleaning results.

Irobot Roomba 675 Features

Design and Setup

iRobot Roomba 675 is about 13 inches in diameter and 3.7 inches tall. This is the tallest robot vacuum that has been tested and can run easily under most furniture.

The bottom is fitted with multi-surface brushes. The first brush loosens to lift the dirt or debris, while the second brush pulls the dirt into the suction channel.

Also, there is a sweeping side brush that cleans the corners of the house. The clip census which is fitted at the bottom protects the bot from falling off the stairs or edges.

Irobot App

iRobot apps are easy to use and have a big clean button and different apps for scheduling, checking the history of making settings. You can set a schedule like on which day you want to clean and at what hour.

the iRobot apps also give you information about the number of days it has conducted a cleaning job, and the total time is spent cleaning. Apart from that, there is a dirt detector Tu to detect heavily soiled areas and the concentration of dirt.

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IRobot Roomba 675 Pros and Cons

  • Dirt detector
  • Protection from obstacles
  • Cleaning setting for different floors
  • Voice control and easy use of the app
  • Can be very noisy when cleaning
  • No rubberized brush rules and no virtual wall

Difference between Shark ION AV751 and Roomba 675?

Both the boys do the cleaning work very well but the basic difference comes in the features. But the cleaning time for Shark ION AV751 is 120 minutes and for iRobot Roomba 675, it’s Round 90 minutes.

Also, there is no smart dirt detection sensor in a shark! Apart from that, it does not have a multi-surface cleaning mode.

Which is better, Shark ION AV751 or Roomba 675?

When we make a comparison between the two!

Shark ION AV751 is a great bot vacuum cleaner as an entry-level not however it lacks some of the advanced features like a high-tech navigation system, or multiple cleaning modes.

But the same is available in Roomba 675 which makes it a better choice.


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