Ruko F11 Pro vs Holy Stone HS720E Review: Pros and Cons

Drone or unmanned aerial vehicles are aircraft is controlled remotely by the automation system, pilots, or pre-programmed plans. it enables drones to fly autonomously and many organizations, as well as industries, are adopting this technology. They are highly useful in collecting quality images and videos from a particular location of interest.

if you are thinking to buy one of these drones for use in your industrial area or project then read the reviews below!

Ruko F11 Pro Review

Ruko F11 pro is an admirable drone with a 4k UHD camera. This drone is foldable and comes with a battery. You can thus, carry the drone with you while you are working on a project or going on a trip. Capture the videos and images in high quality within trouble.

Ruko F11 Pro Specs & Features

  • 4k UHD camera: you can record the pictures in 4K UHD quality using the Ruko f11 Pro. Also, video can be recorded in 2.9k with high quality, contrast as well as vivid colors. The lens of 120°FOV is given and it’s adjustable to 90°. Therefore you get a broad view of wonderful moments.
  • Flight time and battery life: Ruko f11 Pro is equipped with an intelligent battery of 2500 mAh. It can fly about 39 minutes and its extra battery will allow you to extended this period to 1 minute. Fast charging allows you to charge the drone within 3.5 hours and continue recording work.
  • Easy to operate: Ruko f11 Pro is very easy and even beginners can learn to use its features like FPV, headless mode, auto-return, tap fly, etc. Not just beginners but even kids can operate easily.
  • Warranty: Ruko never lets its customers down and they give you 30 days return period as well as 90 days warranty. So, you can change or replace the product if not satisfied!

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Ruko F11 Pro Pros and Cons

  • Stable shooting
  • Stable flight with its 11.1V battery
  • 5 GHz FPV real-time transmission giving smooth and clear video
  • Gps and find lost drone feature
  • Lack of obstacles identification and avoidance feature

Holy Stone HS720E Review

Holystone is a leading industry in the production of consumer drones. The latest series HS720 offers high performance and experience to the customers. There are several improved and useful features offered in HS720E.

Holy Stone HS720E Specs & Features

  • Camera quality: Holy Stone HS720E drone comes with 4k FHD and allows you to shoot images in high quality as well as high-resolution videos. The camera lens is adjustable to 90° therefore, you can record videos and images from different angles.
  • 5G FPV transmission: this drone comes with 5G connectivity and so it offers fast FPV transmission as well as allows you to watch the world in real-time.
  • Flight time: this drone will last in the sky for about a minute and capture everything you want. Thanks to its lithium-polymer battery that it can stay stable in the sky and perform better than other drones. However, it will take 5-7 hours to recharge the battery.
  • Range: HS720E is a remotely operated drone with a control take of 1600 meters. You can take footage of landscapers and a 2.4GHz transmitter will help the drone to remain 3000 feet high in the sky.

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Holy Stone HS720E Pros and Cons

  • 26-minute playtime
  • Easy to operate
  • 4k UHD camera
  • Strong battery life
  • Charging time is longer 5-7 hour

Which is Better, Ruko F11 Pro or Holy Stone HS720E?

Holystone and Ruko f11 are both amazing drones. Ruko F11 Pro offers a long flight and better battery than holy stone HS720E. However, Holy Stone HS720E offers a better camera and has more advanced features making it a better choice as compared to Ruko f11 Pro.