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Rove R2-4K vs Viofo A119 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

A dashcam is so useful to monitor the surroundings while driving or parking a car. ROVE and VIOFO are two brands that offer a variety of dashcams. ROVE introduces R2-4K, whereas VIOFO comes with the A119 version. So, Rove R2-4K vs Viofo A119, which one is better?

Check the review below to know the answer.

Rove R2-4K Review

A dashcam should be clear and sharp, especially at night or in low-light areas. Rove R2-4K fills this need by designing a dashcam with 2160p video resolution and HD video recording quality. As a result, the video looks clear, bright, and sharp.

The manufacturer even installs a super night vision technology to keep the quality of the video at night and in low-light areas. Seeing footage on other devices, such as Android and iOS devices is easy and fast to do with the built-in Wi-Fi.

You only have to download and install a Rove app. This app also provides 4K videos even if you are watching it on smartphones. Those who love to share the video while driving on social media can do it right away. This camera can’t only record videos but also your driving location and even speed due to the use of GPS via Google Maps.

The manufacturer wants to keep the quality of the camera to satisfy its users by installing a camera with an f1.8 aperture. They claim that the aperture is the largest in this industry. The things that this car dashboard camera can do are including creating a time-lapse video, slow motion video, locking the emergency video, and many more. Use a 512GB external memory to increase the memory capacity to save more footage.

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Rove R2-4K Pros and Cons

  • The video resolution is great and can produce high-quality videos.
  • It uses a camera with the largest apertures.
  • It has features to create a variety of videos, such as slow motion, time-lapse, and a wide-angle lens.
  • You can add the memory capacity up to 512GB, but you should buy the memory card separately.

Viofo A119 Review

So, Rove R2-4K is better than Viofo A119?

Check the comparison between Rove R2-4K vs Viofo A119 here to get the answer.

Viofo also tries to launch a high-tech dashcam through the A119. You can see it from the 2592 x 1944P 30 fps resolution the manufacturer uses in this product.

The manufacturer claims that it is the highest resolution in a small dashcam. It is the reason why this small dashcam has a clear image. This product will not interrupt the interior model of your car. The size is so small.

It is similar to the size of a car key. This dashcam is perfect if you want to record videos without anyone realizing that there is a camera inside the car. Checking notifications is easy because of the voice notification feature.

You can keep driving while listening to the notification. Just like ROVE R2-4K, VIOFO A119 also has an app to control the Wi-Fi connection in case you want to transfer the footage to your smartphone. The manufacturer claims that the transferring process is 4 times faster than other dashcam brands.

It also contains a GPS module that can synchronize satellite time, and record the driving route, and speed right away. You get a similar image quality even when recording in darker areas. Thanks to the 5MP sensor that can improve the image quality with a night vision effect. It works well if you have to record in tunnels, garages, or other dark areas.

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Viofo A119 Pros and Cons

  • It uses a camera with the highest resolution to produce brighter images.
  • It has a voice notification to keep your focus on driving while controlling the dashcam.
  • The system can transfer footage to smartphones four times faster.
  • Some users think that the size of this dashcam is too small.

Which is Better, Rove R2-4K or Viofo A119?

According to the Rove R2-4K vs Viofo A119 review above, Rove R2-4K is better. This dashcam produces up to 4K image quality. It uses the largest aperture to produce bright and sharp images.

The size is big enough for a dashcam, so users can easily read crucial information they need to know.

Indeed, it is also flexible enough to install anywhere inside the car to ensure no one knows about it. You can also use the features to create videos just like what you need.