Potensic T25 vs DJI Tello Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Now, we will compare 2 of the best drones available in the market: Potensic T25 Vs DJI Tello. Many people love these drones but it is difficult to decide the better one. In this article, we will look at them closer so that you will be able to choose the most appropriate one for your needs.

Potensic T25 Review


Potensic T25 is a compact drone that weighs almost a kilogram with its camera. The small size makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor. The size also lets you pack it easily in your own bag. Anyway, its design makes this drone travel-friendly.


Physically, this drone features a transmitter, a USB battery charger, a user manual, a battery, four extra protection guards, two extra landing gears, a screwdriver, and four extra propeller blades. Moving to its camera, it comes with an HD camera that provides 1080p. This camera offers an adjustable angle of 90 degrees and a 9-axis gyroscope.

About the battery, this drone uses a removable battery that comes in 7.4V 1000 mAh. This battery provides a flight time of 10 minutes and a flight range of 300 meters. An extra battery is allowed for longer flight times. For storage & image transmission, it is equipped with an SD card slot. It also features First Person View for real-time photos & video transmission.

Talking about safety features, it offers GPS tracking tech, GPS mode, Return to Home button, Auto return, and four LED lights. In the case of flight, it features a take-off & landing button, emergency stop button, altitude hold feature, and Follow Me mode. Last but not least, it comes with a controller that is easy to use.

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Potensic T25 Pros and Cons

  • Small size
  • Auto Return to Home
  • Travelling-friendly
  • Stable flight
  • No SD card included
  • Short battery life

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DJI Tello Review


It is a tidy drone that has lightweight. Measuring 3.8” x 3.2” x 1.6”, its body is made from plastic. It has a compact size and a sturdy body. It looks stunning with a status LED. The power button is on one side whereas a USB jack is on another side.


There are many flight modes available from this drone. The first is Auto Takeoff and landing that lets you take off your drone or land it just with a button. The second is Throw and Gow that lets you take it off just by throwing the drone in the air. The third is 8D Flips that flips your drone automatically in your desired preset direction.

The next is Bounce Mode that lets you fly up & down automatically above a flat surface. Altitude Mode is the next option where it switches to ATTI mode automatically and lands it in a safe place fast. Another one is Vision Positioning System that enables it to hover in place precisely.

About the flight features, it offers a 2.4 GHz frequency, Smartphone remote control, operating range up to 80 meters, and optical sensors. For the camera, it uses a 5MP camera that provides 720p videos. This drone is powered by a 14-core Intel processor with electronic image stabilization. The camera comes with various modes like Circle, Circle & up & Away, and 306.

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DJI Tello Pros and Cons

  • Fun and easy controller
  • Automated flight modes
  • No internal storage & microSD slot
  • No USB cable

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Which Is Better, Potensic T25 or DJI Tello?

Both drones are good options. They come with their own pros and cons. So, you have to pay attention to the detailed reviews to decide the more appropriate one for your needs. Make sure that you choose a drone that really meets your needs.

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