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Potensic D85 vs Potensic T35 Review: Pros and Cons

Today, you can find so many drones produced by Potensic. They come with high quality. Many people talk about Potensic D85 Vs Potensic T35. However, it is not easy to choose the better one. In this article, we will talk and focus on the designs, features, and pros & cons.

Potensic D85 Review


This drone comes with a distinctive look. It has a mounted camera in the front and long legs. The camera is protected by the legs so that it can land easily. Its body is made of ABS plastic but will not melt in the hot weather.


This drone is excellent for any user. It lets you take pictures & video footage easily and quickly. It can fly at 52 kph speed because of the brushless motors and chipset used. For beginners, it is better to use a lower speed. In fact, it offers different speed options. The high speed can cause serious damage so that it should be for professionals.

By releasing the controller, this drone can maintain its altitude so that it will not fall crashing into the ground. This feature lets you take clearer pictures without blur, too. There is also a Headless Mode. This mode lets the drone travel in your desired direction. You can use your Smartphone screen as a monitor for the FPV to plot its route. There is also Follow Me mode for recording things in motion.

For the safety features, this drone will automatically return when it is out of range or the battery is low. You can also enable this feature and stop the drone anywhere. Overall, the features are complete.

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Potensic D85 Pros and Cons

  • Great brushless motors
  • Various safety features
  • Solid build quality
  • Impressive range to remote control
  • Cannot be folded
  • Does not include a carry case

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Potensic T35 Review


For the dimensions, it measures 16.5 x 16.5 inches x 6.7 inches. It belongs to a big drone. Potensic T35 comes with white in color. It has a strong casing. Based on the design, it belongs to a foldable drone. So, it is appropriate for you who love traveling.


It starts from the camera, it offers a camera that produces 1080p video and 2MP photos. This camera has an adjustable 90-degree angle. In addition, it also comes with a 120-degree field of view. To store the photos and videos, you will need an SD card of up to 32GB. If you want an FPV experience, you should use your phone because its remote control has no LCD screen.

For the flight system, it offers a 9-axis gyroscope flight system. About the battery, it uses a 7.4V 2500 mAh battery for 15 minutes of flight. You can charge the battery in 5 hours. The flight range reaches 1640 feet. Moving to the speed modes, there are 3 options available: low, medium, & high. You should use the speed mode based on your skill.

Talking about flight-assist & safety features, it comes with a Headless Mode. Besides that, this drone also features Follow Me mode. In addition, you can also enjoy its Return to Home feature. The next feature is Emergency Stop. Another feature is an Altitude Hold.

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Potensic T35 Pros and Cons

  • Easy to assemble
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Good-quality camera
  • Various flight & safety features
  • Emergency stop button
  • Long charging time
  • Not stable flight
  • The flight time is not impressive

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Which Is Better, Potensic D85 or Potensic T35?

We have seen all the detailed designs and features offered by these drones. There are some similarities and differences. Both of them are good for any user including beginners. So, you have to make sure that you choose the drone that really meets your needs. The most noticeable difference is that Potensic D85 cannot be folded whereas Potensic T35 is foldable.

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