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Potensic D80 vs Potensic D88 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Talking about the better drone between Potensic D80 Vs Potensic D88 is still debatable. It is an endless topic and many people still compare them. Now, we will try to compare them in detail through the following reviews. We will focus on their designs, features, and pros & cons.

Potensic D80 Review


Based on the design, it belongs to an all-round drone. It comes with a great build. With a durable exterior, it will be able to take minor crashes without being damaged. It also has clearly labeled buttons. There is also an LED display on the drone.


It starts from the camera, it features a 1080 HD camera that comes with Wi-Fi. This camera offers a 90-degree adjustable angle. With this camera, the drone can take photos and record videos in high quality. About flight performance, it features one button for take-off & landing.

In addition, it also features GPS enabled Follow Me mode and Altitude Hold for awesome flight performance. Furthermore, this drone also comes with Auto Return, Headless Mode, 300-meter operating range, and LED lights.

Moving to the battery & recharge, it uses a 3.7v 100mAh battery. This battery can provide 8 minutes of flight time. For the recharging time, it takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

With a removable battery, it means you can buy extra batteries. Then, you can use them if the original battery runs out. By having more than one battery, it means you can enjoy a longer flight time. With the expanded flight time, you will be able to enjoy the stunning scenery in real-time longer.

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Potensic D80 Pros and Cons

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Great flight performance
  • Awesome camera
  • Short flight time
  • Short operating range

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Potensic D88 Review


With a cool look, this drone makes many people interested. The foldable design lets you carry it for traveling with ease. This drone has a good build quality. The hard casing can protect it very well. Overall, this drone is designed for everyone including beginners.


Many features can be enjoyed from this drone. It starts from the camera, it features a 2K camera. This camera comes with one-axis gimbals and offers extensive real-time transmission where the 5G can be reached at 2624 feet.

This camera also offers a good FPV experience. With an SD card slot, it can support SD cards up to 32GB. One more, its camera comes with a 110-degree angle of view as well as 90-degree adjustable footage.

About the flight features, it offers a stable flight even at high speed. The maximum speed is up to 50 km/h. Besides, it features WayPoint Route where you can draw dots and let the drone fly following the route. Then, it offers a point of interest such as a building, person, tree, etc.

For the next feature, it comes with Auto Return Home that lets the drone to return come back home when the battery is low or a signal problem happens. Next, it is featured with Auto Take-off and landing that will be very useful especially for beginners. It also comes with a 7.6V 3400 mAh Li-Po battery for a 20-minute flight.

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Potensic D88 Pros and Cons

  • Long battery life
  • Stable flight at top speed
  • Excellent camera
  • Long charging time
  • Complex gyro calibration

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Which Is Better, Potensic D80 or Potensic D88?

After we look at the review above, we can see that both drones are good for beginners. They also provide awesome flight performance and offers an excellent camera. So, make sure that you consider the features in more detail to decide the drone that can really meet your needs.

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