Potensic D80 vs HUBSAN H501S Review: Pros and Cons

Talking about drones, there are 2 options people always compare. They are Potensic D80 Vs HUBSAN H501S. It is difficult to decide the better one. If you are interested in these drones, you need to pay attention to the following reviews. So, you can compare them and choose the more appropriate one.

Potensic D80 Review


This drone is designed with a built-in camera. It has an easy-to-use design. Besides that, the strong material used also makes it durable. This drone is appropriate for everyone including beginners. Overall, Potensic D80 has a nice design.


Potensic D80 features a built-in GPS module. Besides that, it also has superior agility. These features are very great for a racing drone. This drone is not only appropriate for racers but also photographers. Then, it also comes with a professional remote controller.

About the flight time, it can be up to 20 minutes. Next, it also features 5.0GHz Wi-Fi. This feature ensures smooth & lag-free real-time video streaming. It means this drone lets you view 1080p HD videos for the ultimate flight experience. For the control distance, it can reach 800 meters.

There are still many other key features. One of them is a powerful 7.4V 1800 mAh Li-Po battery. The flight performance also cannot be separated from its brushless motors. In addition, it offers an 800-meter control distance.

With 5.0GHz frequency, it can provide smoother communication. So, you can use the drone smoothly and easily. Last, the maximum flight speed is up to 25 mph. So, it is excellent for outdoor performance.

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Potensic D80 Pros and Cons

  • Smooth real-time video streaming
  • Good battery life
  • High-quality camera
  • Stable hovering position
  • Powerful performance
  • Long battery charging

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HUBSAN H501S Review


HUBSAN H501S is a drone that comes with high design quality. So, it will offer an excellent experience. Made from a strong material, it becomes a solid drone. The materials used include plastic and metal.


This drone is equipped with GPS. You can control it with a remote control or Smartphone. This drone also comes with some best flight characteristics such as return functions and waypoint-guided flight modes. The GPS is useful to handle various functions like Orbit & Follow Me modes and Return to Home. With these functions, you can enjoy the flight experience of HUBSAN H501S perfectly.

In addition, it features radio control. Its controller comes with a 3” screen. It also features 2 adjustable antennas, for flight controls with 2.4GHz frequency and First Person View with 5.8GHz.

Next, the screen features a concealed hood for a protective cover. Furthermore, the remote control comes with a 2.5mm output of video for connecting external glass or monitors. It uses 8 AA batteries or a 3-cell Li-Po battery.

HUBSAN H501S uses 2-cell Li-Po batteries that feature a proprietary jack. About the camera, it is found in the front for high-quality photos & HD videos. Unfortunately, it is a lack of gimbals. Other features include Altimeter, Horizontal & Vertical stabilization, and Headless mode.

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HUBSAN H501S Pros and Cons

  • Advanced remote control
  • Durable brushless motors
  • HD videos
  • Positioning system
  • Lack of gimbals

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Which Is Better, Potensic D80 or HUBSAN H501S?

From the reviews above, we have seen the detailed designs, features, and pros & cons of both drones. However, Potensic D80 vs HUBSAN H501S still becomes debatable. You have to choose the better one based on your needs. It should be clear about your preference whether it is real-time video streaming, quality of the camera, or anything else.

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