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Phomemo M200 vs Phomemo M220 Review: Pros & Cons

The label maker tool is necessary for today’s business. Because of that, nowadays, there are many label makers that you can find on the market.

So, to help you find one for your business, here we have a review for two products you can try, Phomemo M200 vs Phomemo M220.

Phomemo M200 Review

Phomemo added all features that you need from a label printer device in this M200 series. It has the Bluetooth feature for a less-complicated connection feature. This printer also uses thermal printing technology, which doesn’t require ink or toner to print.

As for its printing performance, it is also quite satisfying. You can use M200 for QR codes, addresses, and even image printing in smaller sizes, around 3 inches printing width, which is suitable for product labels or receipts. It is all thanks to its compact dimension, which is only 20 mm to 80 mm wide.

We also like the battery-powered concept of this product, which means you can save more energy. The battery is a 5V/2A battery with 2600mAh capacity. This battery can last 30% longer than another similar label maker on the market, plus it lasts a week on standby mode.

The only flaw that we found in this model is the manual. We couldn’t find any tutorial or instruction on how to use or install this label maker device. If you use a label maker like this one for the first time, there is a chance you will need more time to know how to operate it.

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Phomemo M200 Pros & Cons

  • It has a Bluetooth feature for wireless connection,
  • Battery with high power capacity (2600mAh),
  • 30% longer operation time than other products,
  • Compact size for small-size printing job (3 inches width).
  • No tutorial on how to use this label maker device.

Phomemo M220 Review

Phomemo M220 is considered as the label maker from this brand that is an improvement of the previous model, in this case, the M200 we mentioned before. Indeed, some features on this device are more advanced than M200.

It uses similar thermal direct printing technology. That means you don’t need to worry about ink or toner. You can use it mess-free.

Thanks to the thermal direct printing feature, we also found out that the HD printing is also doable with this label maker. Unfortunately, we also experienced many misses during this printing process, so we recommend you to use the standard printing mode if you want to print many labels.

This device is easy to use. It supports Bluetooth and a USB connection. That gives you more options on which device you can connect and use with this label maker.

As for OS compatibility, M220 works well with various PC OS, like Windows 10 or macOS. Moreover, it also is compatible with iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

It uses a 2200mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for continuous printing of 36 label rolls. On standby mode, this printer can last for more than two weeks, which is suitable for business.

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Phomemo M220 Pros & Cons

  • Use thermal direct printing technology for a mess-free printing process,
  • Support Bluetooth and USB connection,
  • Compatible with various desktop and mobile OS,
  • High capacity battery (2200mAh),
  • Suitable for HD printing.
  • The printing process in HD is often miss-aligned and smudged.

Which is Better, Phomemo M200 or Phomemo M220?

Based on all label printing features, performance, product durability, and battery lifespan, the better choice between Phomemo M200 vs Phomemo M220 is indeed Phomemo M220. Even though it has a flaw in the HD printing mode, standard usage for the business labeling process is way better and more efficient than the M200 label maker.

Now, you know which label marker you should choose and buy for your business labeling need.