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Phomemo M200 vs Phomemo M110 Review: Pros and Cons

Finding the label maker device that can help you improve your business efficiency is challenging. However, we have chosen two label maker devices that we thought were suitable for your labeling needs. So, here is our review of two products from the Phomemo brand, the Phomemo M200 vs Phomemo M110.

Phomemo M200 Review

Phomemo M200 has various useful features that match your need to improve your labeling process. One of them is thermal printing technology. With this feature, this label maker uses no ink or toner to print, which means you don’t have to be bothered about changing the ink and other problems.

We also love the connectivity feature added by Phomemo in M200. It supports a Bluetooth connection, which means no more messed-up cable problems. Plus, you can pair it with various devices, especially mobile devices.

The printing performance is also reliable. You can use it for 3-inch wide printing, which is suitable for the size of most label papers. This label maker’s width is around 20 mm to 80 mm, a compact size fit with any place or desk where you will use it at your store.

This label maker uses a 2600mAh battery with fast charging feature. You can fully charge it faster than other label makers. Moreover, it can last for at least one week once you fully charge it on standby mode.

It comes with a mobile app for adjusting the font, filters, and other things. Unfortunately, the app has many misspellings, which could confuse you a bit.

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Phomemo M200 Pros & Cons

  • Thermal printing technology (no ink or toner printing),
  • Bluetooth connection for using it with a mobile device,
  • A battery with 2600mAh capacity that lasts for one week after a full charge.
  • App has many misspellings that make it difficult to use.

Phomemo M110 Review

The name tells you that this label maker model is the previous release than the M200. However, we think that this product has a similar feature and performance. That is the reason we put it in this comparison review to see which one is the better label maker.

First of all, M110 is an easy-to-use label maker. The installation and operation don’t require too much time to master. One of many reasons we said that is it has a very stable Bluetooth connection.

Using a one-click connects and printing concept, M110 wouldn’t waste your time to set it up and start printing. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 with 33 feet range. Moreover, it only needs 2 seconds to pair with your device.

The app also is very satisfying. There are some misspellings, but overall, it has a much better design and features. One of our favorite features is the many templates you can use for free.

Furthermore, the app allows you to edit that template, so you can personalize it to match your business identity and need. Unfortunately, there is a time when a glitch occurs on the app. When that happens, the templates that you keep are most likely gone.

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Phomemo M110 Pros & Cons

  • It uses Bluetooth 4.0 with 33 feet range and 2 seconds to connect,
  • Better mobile app design with many free templates and themes for your label,
  • Cool and simple design.
  • A glitch on the app can delete all saved templates.

Which is Better, Phomemo M200 or Phomemo M110?

Phomemo M110, even though it is a previous model, is the better label maker in this comparison review between Phomemo M200 vs Phomemo M110. It has a more useful app and better connectivity features than the M200 label maker.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a new label maker for your business, we recommend you the M110 for better performance. You will get many benefits from this label maker.