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Optoma HD146X vs BenQ HT2050A Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Are you looking for a video projector?

Nowadays, you can find many of them in the store. And, among them, there are two products that we recommend. You have to try them to get the video projector that you need. Those two are Optoma HD146X vs BenQ HT2050A. Here, we are going to find which one is better between those two.

Those video projectors have unique features that allow you to enjoy the video, movie, playing a video game or TV show on a larger display and higher resolution. Let’s start the review of Optoma and BenQ video projector products.

Optoma HD146X Review

Optoma is well-known for its reliable product with high performance. They also have innovative features added to their product. HD146X is one of those. This product offers various features to enjoy the video with more pleasure. Plus, it has an easy-to-use design. Let’s see what this product has for you.

Optoma HD146X Specs and Features

The image and video resolution that HD146X can display are up to 1080p. It is 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution. Furthermore, this feature is also supported by the RYGCWB color wheel you can use freely to calibrate the color level. Thus, you can get the display quality of your preference.

It uses the latest Texas Instruments technology for the image alignment setting. Thanks to the DLP DMD single-chip design, you can create a perfect image alignment. Plus, it also can produce a high level of brightness to create a clear and crisp image quality.

We also like the lights-on viewing feature. You do not need the bright light in the room where you use this video projector. The 3,600 lumens lighting will provide enough illumination for watching your favorite movie comfortably. The dim room lighting gives you an atmosphere like watching in the movie theater. You will not get it from other products.

HD146X is also suitable for playing video games. Enhanced Gaming Mode feature gives it a faster response time. Then, you also can activate its Game Display Mode to boost the shadow and darker element of the image. It creates an HD display for your video game.

Furthermore, it uses a lamp with a better lifespan. It can work for 15,000 hours. If you use it for four hours a day, it will last for ten years. Even though we have heating and flickering problems, we think HD146X is the right choice for a video projector.

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Optoma HD146X Pros & Cons

  • HD image and video resolution (1080p),
  • Enhanced feature for playing a video game,
  • Long lifespan lamp that can last for ten years,
  • Texas Instrument Technology for easy image alignment setting.
  • The cooling system doesn’t work properly that makes it heat up quite faster,
  • The flickering disturbs the movie we watch.

BenQ HT2050A Review

BenQ has made various electronic devices. As for the video projector, we recommend BenQ HT2050A. This video projector has become one of the strongest competitors in the video projector category these days. Because of that, we have decided to take a closer look at it. Here is what we found.

BenQ HT2050A Specs and Features

BenQ seems to upgrade the picture quality department of this product more than the previous model. First of all, it can produce a 1080p resolution. You may think that it is not enough when it is not 4K. But, believe us. A 1080p video projector is as good as 4K. Furthermore, you also can enjoy it on the big screen.

This video projector also uses a 2,200 lumens level of lighting to provide enough brightness to your video. It helps you to enjoy the video even though you don’t use lighting in your room. Moreover, the high contrast ratio and color accuracy calibration also is another feature that improves its performance to project high-quality image and video.

For the gaming experience, BenQ uses a unique design in its game mode. The low input lag of 16ms creates a smooth video movement. It is also very responsive so it won’t decrease your gaming experience. Supported by DLP technology, you will get a sharper and crisper video with this video projector.

This device also is compatible with various devices and video resolution formats. As for the video format, you can use it to display all video resolutions starting from 480p to 1080p without any noise. It is smooth and enjoyable. It feels similar to when you watch it on a standard device.

As for the device compatibility, you can practically connect it with all kinds of devices, thanks to its flexible connectivity port. Use its HDMI, USB, and other ports for that.

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BenQ HT2050A Pros & Cons

  • High-resolution video and image (1080p)
  • Smooth and responsive gaming mode with 16ms rate
  • DLP technology for sharper and crisper video
  • High compatibility with various devices and all resolution formats
  • Noisy
  • Gray border around the projected image/video
  • No sleep mode
  • No power zooms and focus

Difference between Optoma HD146X and BenQ HT2050A?

The clear difference between these video projectors is their lighting strength. HD146X has stronger lighting power at 3,600 lumens than the BenQ product. It is very helpful for creating a more comfortable video display to watch in your room.

Even though both of them also can produce 1080p resolution video and using DLP technology, Optoma video projectors include various extra features to support them. Therefore, in the picture quality area, we can see that Optoma has more than the BenQ video projector. In short, the picture projecting the performance of both products is a big difference you can see.

Which is Better, Optoma HD146X or BenQ HT2050A?

Based on its performance and features, especially related to lighting strength and picture quality, the winner of Optoma HD146X vs BenQ HT2050A is Optoma HD146X. Even though it has a heating problem, this product gives you more than what BenQ HT2050A offered. Furthermore, Optoma also is very quiet, so you don’t have to get disturbed when you watch your movie.

That’s all that you need to know about those two video projectors. Now, you can choose the video projector you can buy to watch a movie. Get one that you like and create a real movie theater at your home.