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Optoma GT1080HDR vs BenQ TH671ST Review: Pros and Cons

If you’re an avid gamer and want to scale up your experience to a whole new level, then using a projector is more than a good idea. In this article, you will learn a fair review of Optoma GT1080HDR vs. BenQ THG71ST. Both have a good reputation as reliable gaming projectors.

Optoma GT1080 HDR Review


Lower your expectation when it comes to Optoma’s design. The Optoma projector looks like a very typical model in the market. It is simple and comes in a minimalist white color that looks timeless and super classy.

As usual, you can find the navigational buttons on the upper part. This mundane design makes you get used to it instantly.

Optoma GT1080HDR Features

It claims to have a rapid response time like 8.4 ms along with a 120Hz refresh rate as a gaming projector. This way, you can enhance your game without any delayed motions.

Interestingly, Optoma GT1080HDR specs have adopted the Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology already. Hence, you will figure out that this projector comes with an excellent pixel structure. There’s no color degradation issue.

Moreover, it has the feature of HDR-10 compatibility that makes the color go more vivid. Imagine that the dark color will get more profound, and the bright color will get more optimistic. Expect fuzzy-free imageries with extremely accurate shades.

As a gamer, the short-throw feature should be on your priorities. Optoma GT1080HDR throw distance gives you an exciting opportunity to project 120″ pictures from 4 feet apart. It is beneficial if you’re playing the game in a small room or a constrained space.

Another essential feature of this device is the 3800 Lumens it brings. It makes the projector suitable for both day and night activities.

Last but not least, you can never second-guess its compatibility. It works well with any gaming consoles you have, PCs, and other media players.

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Optoma GT1080 HDR Pros and Cons

  • Easy setup and installation
  • Versatile for a plethora of environments
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Noisy fan
  • May need an external speaker
  • Had the rainbow effect

BenQ TH671ST Review


It has an eye-catching and lovely design that you may adore at very first sight. There’s a little bit of retro touch yet still sophisticated enough for a modern gaming projector.

There’s a red circle in the lens’s outer layer that makes it more appealing and looks youthful.

BenQ TH671ST Features

BenQ TH671ST specs eventually give the best they can offer in this projector. To name a few, it uses the latest Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology that makes it radiates crisp and sharper images.

Along with its 3200 ANSI Lumens, you can enjoy your gaming activity with 1080p Full HD pictures.

Another remarkable feature of this BenQ THG71ST lamp is the LumiExpert technology. No matter the lighting condition you have, it can automatically adjust the lumination to find it more comfortable.

Just like the competitor, BenQ has intentionally created the BenQ Short-Throw projector 4k feature. You can enjoy a 100″ display from 1.5 meters only. There’s also a feature of vertical keystone correction that you can use to project your video game better into the screen.

Oh, don’t worry about the audio quality. BenQ injects a 5 Watt stereo speaker so you can tune into an immersive gaming experience along with a loud and clear sound.

Last but maybe most important, BenQ claims that this gaming projector is able to give you a low input lag action that is 16,67 ms. Sounds promising?

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BenQ TH671ST Pros and Cons

  • Smooth gaming experience
  • Supports most media players
  • Replay fave games on a life-sized display
  • Easy setup
  • Slightly longer for projection distance
  • Heat issue

Which is Better, Optoma GT1080HDR or BenQ TH671ST?

Comparing Optoma GT1080HDR vs. BenQ TH671ST isn’t easy. However, BenQ TH671ST has more advanced color systems that make the gaming experience more realistic. It is also free from rainbow effects that still appeared on the Optoma. So, in this case, BenQ TH671ST is one tier up from Optoma GT1080HDR.

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