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Optoma GT1080HDR vs BenQ HT2050A Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Today, playing video games maybe is what you usually do to relieve your stress. Therefore, the demand for the game console and its accessories to play video games keeps increasing these days. One of the accessories that have been in high demand is the video projector.

In this article, you will learn about two video projectors from the brand that you must know. They are Optoma GT1080HDR vs BenQ HT2050A, the video projectors with HD capability and many features. Let’s see their performance, features, design, and other things, so you can choose which gaming video projector you will buy later.

Optoma GT1080HDR Review

Optoma released this product as the answer to its competitor in the gaming video projector market. Initially designed as a video gaming projector, Optoma promised you a different gaming experience with it. By looking at its features and specifications, we can see why Optoma said that statement for this product.

Optoma GT1080HDR Features

Optoma uses the HDR10 technology, the standard technology to incorporate the HDR feature onto a device. Thanks to this feature, GT1080HDR can receive the 4K resolution input, which affects the image detail and sharpness. It produces better white and black contrast, plus a more accurate color thanks to the 6-segments color wheel (RYGCWB) that this technology has.

Optoma also uses a higher response time on this video projector, which is one of the necessary features for playing a video game. For that reason, this video projector uses a 120Hz refresh rate with 8.4ms of response time to create a smooth transition, movement, and more comfortable response.

Moreover, GT1080HDR is also a short-throw gaming projector. We call it like that because this video projector uses a short-throw lens. This kind of lens provides the ability to create a 120” projected image even if you place it only 4ft away from the media where it displays your video.

The short-throw lens also is suitable for a small room. It means you can place this video project at any distance. Even then, this unique lens specification still produces a clear and focused image with that kind of short distance.

The HDMI connectivity feature is compatible with all kinds of devices, such as Google Chromecast, Firestick, or Apple TV. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a standard USB port that can give you more freedom to pair it with various gaming devices. It only has a micro USB port you can find on the back.

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Optoma GT1080HDR Pros & Cons

  • Short-throw lens for short-distance projected capability,
  • HDR10 technology creates a sharper and high-detailed image,
  • High response time (120Hz refresh rate),
  • Long lamp lifespan (15,000+ hours),
  • Integrated speaker,
  • Easy to install.
  • No USB port for standard connectivity feature (only micro USB port available),
  • No carry case,
  • It doesn’t support HLG technology.

BenQ HT2050A Review

Let’s move to the second item in our Optoma GT1080HDR vs BenQ HT2050A review. BenQ is a well-known brand in the electronic device market, including the video projector category. As for video projector for gaming, we choose HT2050A that has comparable features, specification, design, as well as quality with GT1080HDR.

BenQ HT2050A Features

The picture quality is very satisfying with the 1080p resolution. Even though we didn’t get the 4K or higher resolution, we think 1080p is enough for playing the latest game on the projected display. However, BenQ doesn’t stop with only high video and image resolution.

This video projector also produces a high native contrast ratio with 2,200 Lumens of brightness level. The native contrast ratio creates a high-detailed projected image with the highest color accuracy. Furthermore, it also has 96% Rec.709 technology for easy calibrate its color accuracy.

Video game, especially the high-end game, needs a smooth frame transition to create the maximum pleasure. For that reason, BenQ adds high response times on this video projector for gaming. With 16ms of response time, you can experience the smoothest movement of your video game character, even if you set it at a high-quality image setting.

HT2050A also has a short-throw lens feature, similar to the optoma gaming projector we talked about above. However, the minimum distance it needs to create a proper projected image is only 8ft with 100 inches of display size. The maximum level of the projected image size is only 300 inches.

Last but not least, we are glad that BenQ adds many connectivity ports in this video projector. You can find everything here, from HDMI and even USB ports that the other video projectors don’t have. Therefore, this connectivity feature allows you to connect it with various devices, from PC, gaming console, mobile devices, and other devices.

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BenQ HT2050A Pros & Cons

  • High resolution image (1080p),
  • High native contrast ratio and 2,200 Lumens brightness level,
  • Complete connectivity feature (from HDMI to USB is available).
  • High response time at 16ms of refresh rate,
  • Shorter distance for short-throw lens capability,
  • Soft noise from the fans sometimes is disturbing,
  • No sleep mode,
  • No power zooms.

Difference between Optoma GT1080HDR and BenQ HT2050A?

The response time of Optoma and BenQ gaming projector has a big difference. BenQ video projector for gaming produces almost twice more than the Optoma response time. Because of this difference, the video quality, especially related to the smooth movement of the video game character, also is not the same.

Even though both video projectors use short-throw lens technology, the Optoma video projector offers more advantages in the distance category. The 4ft difference gives Optoma projector small advantages of BenQ. However, we see it as not that essential to decide the better video projector of these two popular brands’ products.

Which is Better, Optoma GT1080HDR or BenQ HT2050A?

Based on the features and performance, we don’t have any problem deciding the winner of the match between these two. And, the winner is BenQ HT2050A. We choose this product because it has more features compared to the Optoma product, especially the connectivity features.

The connectivity feature is an essential part of a video projector that allows you to use it with various devices to maximize your gaming experience. You will have more freedom and pleasure to use the BenQ product in this case. That’s all our review and everything that you should know about Optoma GT1080HDR vs BenQ HT2050A.