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Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Talking about a multifunction blender, we will talk about Ninja. This brand produces a variety of products, including Ninja SS401 and Ninja SS351. So, which one is better: Ninja SS401 or Ninja SS351?

The Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351 review below will help you to answer the question and get the best Ninja blender just like what you need.

Ninja SS401 Review

Talking about its power, Ninja SS401 can be one of the most powerful blenders. The manufacturer supports this product with a 1600-watt motor. The goal is to help its user to use high speeds to blend and crush heavy food loads without interruption. It means that this blender is working without shaking, stirring, and stalling.

The powerful motor allows you to crush and blend ingredients with less liquid. It is perfect to make creamy smoothies or nut butter. Using this blender is much easier even if it is your first time. Thanks to the 7 programs you can use them by only hitting a button.

The programs help to produce smoothies, extract, bowls, spread, chop, process food, and even create dough. It is not an ordinary blender because you can make shredded carrots, coleslaw, and grated cheese using this product.

You only have to use the slicing, shredding, and grating discs to make it. It means more types of meals you can cook with one type of blender. You can even make a large number of smoothies or nut butter because of its XL bowl maker. The manufacturer also gives you a spout lid to take the drink once it is ready.

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Ninja SS401 Pros and Cons

  • The motor is powerful enough to run the blades to crush solid or thick ingredients, including ice cubes.
  • You can create smoothies or juices for the entire family or yourself anytime you want.
  • A Lid helps to bring your drink anywhere you go.
  • There is no warranty service.

Ninja SS351 Review

If comparing Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351, Ninja SS401 is less powerful than its rival. It is because the manufacturer supports this product with a 1400-watt motor. The most important thing is that this blender can cut and crush any ingredients and ice cubes.

Despite the motor, this product is also ideal for crushing and cutting all ingredients. You can also mix ingredients to create a perfect dough. The manufacturer offers two different types, which are the 72 oz for 64 ox max liquid and 72 oz with a nutrient extraction cup.

There are also only 6 preset auto-iQ programs which are smoothies, extractions, bowls, spreads, chopping, and dough. You only have to hit the right button based on what you are going to make with this product. It means you don’t need to set any complicated buttons only to produce things with this blender.

A package of Ninja SS351 doesn’t include a food processor bowl. Users will only get a power blender and processor pitcher and Lid, a crushing and chopping blade, a dough blade, a nutrient extraction cup, a smoothie bowl maker, and a recipe book with up to 15 easy recipes you can cook using this blender. This product helps to prepare meals and healthy drinks right away even for busy people.

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Ninja SS351 Pros and Cons

  • It is a powerful blender to crush any ingredients, including ice cubes.
  • Users can also control the speed to get a specific smooth level.
  • The size is compact, so it is perfect for a small size kitchen.
  • Some users explain that the sound of this blender is too loud.

Which is Better, Ninja SS401 or Ninja SS351?

If you want to have a quiet blender that can crush and blend soft and thick ingredients and ice cubes, Ninja SS401 is a better option.

Based on Ninja SS401 vs Ninja SS351 review above, this blender is more powerful than Ninja SS351.

Users will also get a lid that allows them to directly pour the drinks into the lid and bring it anywhere they go. It is good if you make smoothies or blend a variety of ingredients every day.