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Ninja OS401 vs Ninja FD401 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Ninja introduces a variety of pressure cookers, including the OS401 and FD401 versions. The Ninja OS401 vs Ninja FD401 review here will give you a brief explanation of its differences and specifications. Then, you can compare the review to pick the most suitable pressure cooker to serve delicious and healthy meals for the entire family.

Ninja OS401 Review

Ninja offers an XL pressure cooker to cook a large portion of meals. It is a multifunction pressure cooker with up to 12 cooking functions, including air fry, sear, steam, slow cook, bake, and broil. You can even make fresh yogurt at home only with this device.

Despite the cooking functions, this product is easy to use even for first-time users. Ninja designed this pressure cooker with a button to operate this product. Set the device based on the cooking methods you want and it is ready to work.

Ninja even creates Tender Crisp technology to boost the performance of this pressure cooker. It is the reason why you get a crisp meal using this product. The OS401 is ideal for frying chicken wings and chicken.

Ninja claims that you can air fry chicken wings only for about 20 minutes and a 7-lb chicken for less than an hour using this device. This device can cook 70 percent faster than traditional cooking methods.

Interestingly, you get a healthier result because the air fryer function can reduce the fat of the ingredients by up to 75 percent. You are about to cook with an 8-quart cooking pot. The meals from this pressure cooker are enough for the entire family.

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Ninja OS401 Pros and Cons

  • It is good for tenderizing meats and crisping chicken.
  • The meal is healthier because this pressure cooker can remove up to 75 percent of the fat.
  • It is ideal for a big family or users who love inviting friends to a gathering.
  • It seems that Ninja should consider repairing the sous vide function.

Ninja FD401 Review

Ninja OS401 vs Ninja FD401 review here will help you to understand their similarities and differences. The FD401 pressure cooker also has an 8-quart pot. It is great for those who love to cook a lot of portions of a meal or for a small culinary business. It has a locking system to manage the water level of the ingredients.

At the same time, it has a timer feature to measure the cooking time. Both of them are the secret to getting a crisp and golden-brown result. Ninja also ensures that the FD401 version is safe due to the use of ceramic coat and PTFE PFOA free. With the size of the pot, you can cook around a 7-lb chicken and 8 chicken breasts.

Ninja also supports this product with up to 12 functions just like the OS401 version, including air fry, steam, sous vide, bake, sear, and roast. Other users even create yogurt and keep their meals warm only using this product.

This brand cares about the safety of its users. Because of that, this pressure cooker contains 14 safety features. It doesn’t matter if you can’t cook. You can still buy this product and cook it. A package of this Ninja pressure cooker contains 45 recipes you can cook using this pressure cooker.

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Ninja FD401 Pros and Cons

  • You can cook a variety of meals with its 12 functions.
  • The technology supports this pressure cooker to produce great cooking results.
  • The recipes help users who want to learn how to cook using this device.
  • It seems that this pressure cooker needs a bigger electricity power.

Which is Better, Ninja OS401 or Ninja FD401?

Choosing one of the pressure cookers between Ninja OS401 and Ninja FD401 is hard to do. Both of them have similar features. Based on the operational buttons, Ninja OS401 is better than the FD401 pressure cooker.

Ninja OS401 has a more straightforward button display compared to the FD401 version. You only have to hit the button and choose the cooking method you are about to use to operate this device. That’s it! The meal is ready just like what you want.