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Ninja BL770 vs Ninja BL770AMZ Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Most of you may be a bit confused about the differences between Ninja BL770 and Ninja BL770AMZ. We want to help you to differentiate these two food processors through a review. Ninja BL770 vs Ninja BL770AMZ review below will simplify the features and performance of these products. Then, you can choose the most suitable one to use.

Ninja BL770 Review

Do you want to find a popular food processor on Amazon?

Ninja BL770 is the answer. It seems people love this product because of its power to crush solid and thick ingredients, including ice cubes.

They also prefer to use Ninja BL770 instead of other traditional food processors because of the bowl size and its functions. Imagine that you can’t make more than just smoothies and juices using this product.

You can even make a perfect dough in just 30 seconds. Thanks to the 4 functions, which are a blend, mix, crush, and single-serve that helps to process ingredients just like what you want. The package is also good enough for dieters who are looking for a great food processor.

You will get not only one cup but two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups. You can use these cups to prepare your favorite smoothies or juices. Cover the smoothies or juices with the lids and you are ready to bring it anywhere.

You will not run out of ideas to cook healthy and delicious meals because this brand also gives a cooking book with up to 31 recipes. You can cook all the recipes with this food processor. The XL bowl is big enough to create a big portion of meals, smoothies, and juices for the entire family. The single-serve bowl is perfect for singles.

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Ninja BL770 Pros and Cons

  • The motor is powerful enough to crush solid and thick ingredients to get your favorite texture.
  • The cups are flexible enough for dieters who want to drink smoothies or juice anywhere and anytime.
  • Some users are having difficulty cleaning the bottom of the blender.

Ninja BL770AMZ Review

If you are looking for the same 1500-watt motor food processor as Ninja BL770, Ninja BL770AMZ is one of the options. Both of them look similar but the Ninja BL770 vs Ninja BL770AMZ review here will show the differences.

For example, Ninja BL770AMZ only gives a 16 oz Nutri Ninja cup with a lid. The motor and its features help to crush ice cubes into the snow, so you can enjoy a fresh smoothie or juice without chewing ice crumbles.

The large bowl is perfect to make more than one glass of juice or smoothie. This package also has a single-serve bowl. It is perfect for singles who want to start drinking smoothies or juice for a healthy lifestyle.

It means you will always drink fresh juice and smoothie. Get your favorite texture by adjusting the 4 dedicated blending speeds. Indeed, this product is also more than just a smoothie or juice maker but also a dough, salad, and spicy maker.

The parts are also easy to clean, so you can directly use them for different types of ingredients. The inspiration guide book in the package will help you to get fresh cooking ideas using Ninja BL770AMZ. The size of this product is great enough for medium or small kitchens.

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Ninja BL770AMZ Pros and Cons

  • The motor is powerful enough to crush, blend, or chop any ingredient.
  • You get a Ninja cup to bring a smoothie or juice right away.
  • It has both, a large bowl and a single-serve bowl.
  • You only get one Nutrient Ninja cup from this package.

Which is Better, Ninja BL770 or Ninja BL770AMZ?

It is a bit hard to choose between Ninja BL770 vs Ninja BL770AMZ. Both of them have similar features that help to produce great products. If you need more cups to bring healthy smoothies or juices, Ninja BL770 is better.

This product offers two 16-oz Nutrient Ninja cups. It is perfect for couples who commit to starting a healthy lifestyle. Plus, you are about to use Amazon’s popular product to process the high-quality ingredients you have.