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Nexar Pro vs Nexar Beam Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Nexar is one of the most credible dashcam brands. It was founded in 2015 by Eran Shir. This company has been creating a variety of products, including Nexar Pro and Nexar Beam. You may want to know which one is better when comparing Nexar Pro vs Nexar Beam. The review below explains the specifications and also which is better.

Nexar Pro Review

The manufacturer develops Nexar Pro with two different cameras. It helps professional drivers to record the road and the cabin of a car. For the road view camera, Nexar uses 1080p Full HD quality that can record up to 135 degrees.

On the other hand, Nexar installs 720p HD quality, along with 10 infra-red-light bulbs for the cabin view camera. The recording result still looks bright even if driving and using the dashboard camera at night.

The manufacturer even adds G-force sensors to get detailed video. Users can choose 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB to keep recording for up to 4 or 16 hours. Ensure that you download the Nexar app first before using this device.

This app allows you to stream live footage from your phone. The manufacturer designs this product for iOS and top Android devices. There is a feature that can automatically save a short clip of critical situations, such as collisions or sudden brakes.

It is useful enough if you have to create a report for your insurance claim. The feature can even give crucial information, including video footage, driving speed, G-force impact, and location. You can also use this device even when you park the vehicle.

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Nexar Pro Pros and Cons

  • The two cameras help users to monitor the road and inside the car if something happens.
  • Mobile phone users love it because the device is directly paired with their phones.
  • The video is bright even when using the dashcam at night.
  • Some users think that this product is better for iOS instead for Android devices

Nexar Beam Review

Let’s continue the battle between Nexar Pro vs Nexar Beam by examining the Nexar Beam review. Unlike Nexar Pro, Nexar Beam only uses a 1080p Full HD quality road view camera. This camera can record 135 degrees wide video.

It means that both dash cameras give the same road view camera quality. Just like all Nexar products, you should download the Nexar app first before using them, including the Beam version. Users can also use this device on iPhones and some Android phones.

The app has an important role for this dash cam and users. The system will always be connected to your phone. As a result, you can do anything with the result, such as saving or sharing it. This product also comes with 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB memory to record up to 14 to 16 hours simultaneously.

It is also great to record anything that happens when you park your car in a public parking area. The system will directly notify you if there is an incident. Indeed, you can control your vehicle even if you are not driving it. One of the significant things that make Nexar Pro and Nexar Beam different is their designs. This product is perfect for those who are looking for the smallest Nexar dashcam.

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Nexar Beam Pros and Cons

  • The 1080p camera produces clips, videos, and footage.
  • This device is easy to hide due to its compact size.
  • Mobile phone users can easily control and monitor the footage since it is connected to their phones.
  • The steps to record videos using this product are a bit complicated for some users.

Which is Better, Nexar Pro or Nexar Beam?

Nexar Pro is the winner if we are discussing Nexar Pro vs Nexar Beam. Both of them are similar, yet Nexar Pro has a cabin view camera that allows you to record anything that happens inside the car.

This product is also suitable for those who love to drive at night. The infra-red-light bulbs keep the videos or footage clear even when driving the car in a low-light area. It is crucial when something happens at night and you have to make a report.