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Canon Color Image CLASS MF733Cdw vs MF731Cdw Review: Pros and Cons

Which one is better between Canon Color Image Class MF733Cdw VS MF731Cdw? The two printer devices are products of Canon that have become people’s favorite for years. But which one is better in the comparison between the two? Just keep reading this following review of the devices to get the answer.

Canon Color Image Class MF733Cdw Review


The first thing to talk about when comparing two items is the design. This Canon Color Image Class MF733Cdw comes with a compatible and luxurious design.

The printer is available in the perfect combination of white and black. The size is quite ideal and will be perfect for your office room.


You will find many interesting features in the MF733Cdw series of Canon printer devices. The device has a single pass with a two-sided scan, remote UI mobile connectivity, Wi-Fi direct connection, V2 color technology, and high capacity toner. All the features available will make your printing activity becomes a fun experience.

Canon MF733Cdw Pros and Cons

Just like the other printer devices available in the market, some pros and cons come with the MF733Cdw series. Here are the pros and cons of the MF733Cdw series.

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  • Many people agree that MF733Cdw has excellent color and black printing quality.
  • The high technology features available in MF733Cdw make it easier for people to operate the printer. The printer device also comes in simple manual instructions to give you ease to run it.
  • The design of the printer is elegant that makes it suitable to be placed in the office or at home.

  • Some people claim that the scanning feature of this MF733Cdw series doesn’t work optimally.
  • The MF733Cdw series also has heavy ink usage that makes it quite complicated to use.

Canon Color Image Class MF731Cdw Review


Just like the MF733Cdw series, the Canon Color Image Class MF731Cdw also comes with an elegant and sophisticated design. The design of the two printer devices is quite alike.

The MF731Cdw also comes in a combination color of white and black. The color combination makes the printer device looks more elegant.


Some amazing features make the MF731Cdw is a good choice for excellent printing results. The printer has a secure pint, remote UI mobile connectivity, a Wi-Fi direct connection that can help you to improve productivity, a generous paper capacity of up to 850 sheets, V2 color technology, and much more.

Canon MF731Cdw Pros and Cons

Though the Canon Color Image Class MF731 is considered a good choice for printing results, some cons come along with it. Here are the pros and cons of MF731Cdw that you need to know.

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  • The MF731Cdw series of Canon can help you to print quickly.
  • The MF731Cdw has a wonderful MFP that is very suitable for low – medium printing.

  • The lack of auto-duplexing ADF in the MF731Cdw series makes you have to turn over the device manually if you want to scan multipage documents.
  • Some people claim that the printer will stop printing if you use it to print more than 100 sheets each time.


Both MF733Cdw and MF731Cdw series of Canon Color Image Class have their strengths and weakness. The one that you should choose will depend on your own needs. It is suggested that you do little research first before deciding which one of the devices that you will decide to buy.

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