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Kodak Dock Plus vs Kodak Dock Premium Review: Pros and Cons

Kodak constantly evolves its products to follow the era. It is one of the reasons why this company can survive today. Kodak Dock is one of the revolutionary photo printers that follow its trend. This product allows users to print their favorite photos instantly from their smartphones via Bluetooth.

Kodak even comes with Kodak Dock Plus and Kodak Dock Premium. It seems a bit difficult to pick the best one between Kodak Dock Plus vs Kodak Dock Premium. The following review will help you learn the features, why users love them, and the drawbacks. Use this overview to decide your best Kodak instant photo printer.

Kodak Dock Plus Review

Kodak supports Dock Plus with a variety of features. As a result, users can’t only print their favorite photos faster but also get a satisfying result. You only have to turn on the Bluetooth connection and set this device to print the images. Kodak uses 4Pass Technology to keep the quality of the photos.

Kodak Dock Plus Features

This photo printer gives two printing methods, which are printing via a port and Bluetooth. You can even charge your mobile phone while printing via a USB port. Kodak tries to ensure that users get the best photo quality.

That’s why Dock Plus uses 4Pass Technology to produce Stellar photo quality. It means that the printer prints the photos in layers of ribbon with a laminating process. This system creates a fingerprint-proof and water-resistant picture for a longer quality.

Imagine that the photos can stand up to 100 years if you save and treat them well. Some people love to use this product due to the app. This app is not only helping you to print images right away anytime and anywhere but also edit them first.
Let say you can decorate the images you want to print with stickers, frames, and filters. The Kodak app is also compatible with iOS and Android devices. Kodak even removed the PictBridge function to give a smoother and more effective instant photo printer.

This printer is ready to print up to 20 sheets per printing session, yet you will get 80 sheets of photo papers in the package. It will instantly print photos in 4×6. The size of the picture is bigger compared to images printed with Kodak Mini or Mini Shot.

You only need to connect your Smartphones and the printer in 3 seconds due to the use of stronger connectivity technology. It is a recommended device if you have to print specific images urgently.

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Kodak Dock Plus Pros and Cons

  • Kodak Dock Plus can work wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Users get a high-quality photo.
  • Users can print photos in a larger size.
  • Kodak Dock Plus is only compatible with a special type of glossy photo paper cartridge refill pack.
  • Some users get different photo quality.

Kodak Dock Premium Review

Kodak decides to launch Kodak Dock Premium to give a better instant photo printer. Some of the features between Kodak Dock Plus vs Kodak Dock Premium are similar, yet both of them still have differences. Check the following Kodak Dock Premium before comparing and choosing the best instant portable printer.

Kodak Dock Premium Features

Printing a photo on a mobile phone is much easier with Kodak Dock Premium. You only need to activate the Bluetooth connection and you are ready to print a photo from your Smartphone. A USB port works well if you can’t print with Bluetooth.

It is also effective enough if you want to print while charging the mobile phone. Like Kodak Dock Plus, Kodak also uses 4Pass Technology in the Dock Premium version. It means that you will get the same quality from both devices.

This product is not only suitable for Android users but also iOS users. Kodak also removed the PictBridge in the Premium version to keep it simpler and easier to use. The use of the Kodak app keeps the printing process fun in which you can customize the photo first by adding stickers, frames, and filters before printing it.

This printer is a good instant photo printer for those who want to get a 4×6 photo in a few minutes. You are about to get a starter cartridge with 10 sheets plus 120 additional sheets when using this device.

Kodak gives two other bundles, which are a Dock Premium with 10 sheets and Dock premium, 40 sheets bundle, and 10 sheets. It seems that Kodak launched the premium version to accommodate people who love to print photos.

This product seems to work well in a gathering or reunion where you need to print some photos and give them to the family or group members. The model of this printer allows you to bring it easily and right away.

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Kodak Dock Premium Pros and Cons

  • Kodak Dock Premium gives a high-quality result.
  • It can print a lot of photos instantly.
  • Users can print a photo by only using Bluetooth.
  • The model of the printer makes it easy to bring anytime and anywhere.
  • This device works for mobile phones only and not for other devices.
  • Some users seem to have a problem with the setting.

Difference Between Kodak Dock Plus and Kodak Dock Premium

Finding the difference between Kodak Dock Plus and Kodak Dock Premium is a bit hard. Most of the features are the same. The number of the sheet users get from both printers is one of the differences. Kodak Dock Plus 80-pack bundle where you can use up to 20 sheets per printing session.

This version also only offers Dock Plus and 10 sheets option as an alternative. Kodak Dock Premium gives its users 130 sheets, along with two different options. You can take a Dock Premium and 10 sheets and Dock Premium, 40 sheet bundle, and 10 sheets option as an alternative.

Which is Better, Kodak Dock Plus or Kodak Dock Premium

Seeing the printing quantity, Kodak Dock Premium is better than Kodak Dock Plus. You are about to get up to 130 sheets. It means that you can print more photos using the Premium version than the Plus version.

Kodak also gives more bundle alternatives on Dock Premium compared to the Plus version. This instant photo printer is good if you have a plan to print many photos at a gathering, reunion, or any occasion. All the members will get the pictures to bring home.

It seems that the competition between Kodak Dock Plus vs Kodak Dock Premium is only a matter of photo quantity since both of them use the same features.