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Kingslim D4 vs Kingslim D5 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Kingslim provides its customers with several dashboard cameras, including Kingslim D4 and Kingslim D5. It seems a bit difficult to compare Kingslim D4 vs Kingslim D5 if you are a new buyer. The review of these two products below may help you to decide the best one to use and get benefits from it.

Kingslim D4 Review

Kingslim D4 is a dashboard camera with two cameras. It helps to record videos from the front and rear sides. You are about to get a dashcam with a 4K front camera and 1080p rear camera. That’s why the videos look clear, sharp, and bright.

The front camera resolution can be customized to 2.5K for daily video recording. Kingslim keeps this product flexible to use by developing an app. Users only have to download the app and control this dashboard camera from it.

Best of all, this device is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This product also helps anyone who wants to trace routes and driving speed. Thanks to the wireless GPS module that is attached to this dashcam.

Kingslim is working with Sony to produce a dashcam with a better night vision by adding a Sony STARVIS sensor and Hisilicon processor. The companies even add a super night vision, f/1.8 aperture, and WDR technology to give high-quality videos even in low-light areas.

Kingslim also wider the viewing angles to 170 degrees for the front camera and 150 degrees for the rear camera. This dashboard camera supports up to 256GB micro-SD card, although you have to buy it separately. The memory card capacity is enough to record video for 24 hours.

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Kingslim D4 Pros and Cons

  • It supports drivers to record from the front and rear sides for a better overview.
  • The camera resolution produces high-quality videos.
  • The app keeps users activating and controlling the camera straightforwardly.
  • This camera only produces black and white videos and not color.

Kingslim D5 Review

Just like the Kingslim D4 version, Kingslim also supports the D5 version with a 4K camera and 1080p video mode to capture clear details even if you drive fast. This product is also suitable for those who often drive at night with its HDR super night vision.

It is also a collaboration between Kingslim and Sony. This device also has a built-in GPS function and module to record previous routes and driving speed. You can even playback the videos on your phones or computers.

The camera also has a wider angle up to 170 degrees. The weather may affect the quality of the video and the performance of the camera. Kingslim solves this problem by supporting the D5 with a heat-resistant feature.

Kingslim also upgrades the old app to the Kingslim app to control and monitor this camera from mobile phones better. You can use the app on Android or iOS devices via Wi-Fi with a stable connection.

Because of that, this camera withstands the most weather in the USA. You can also use up to 256GB micro-SD card to record videos for 24 hours, although you have to buy it separately. This information is useful to compare Kingslim D4 vs Kingslim D5 to get the right one.

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Kingslim D5 Pros and Cons

  • This dashcam is easy to set and monitor through Android and iOS devices.
  • It uses a high-quality sensor to get the best videos even in low-light areas.
  • This camera is durable enough in any weather in the USA.
  • The 256GB micro-SD card doesn’t include in the package.

Which is Better, Kingslim D4 or Kingslim D5?

Based on the review above, Kingslim D4 is better compared to Kingslim D5. One of the reasons is because of the dual camera the Kingslim D4 has. Users can record videos from the front and rear sides.

The quality of the videos is also good due to the use of 4K resolution. It expects the complete Kingslim D4 vs Kingslim D5 review here to help you to get a functional dashboard camera based on your need.