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Kingslim D1 Pro vs Kingslim D4 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

You may know Kingslim as one of the credible dashcam brands. That’s why it seems hard to compare two different Kingslim products, including when you want to compare Kingslim D1 Pro vs Kingslim D4. The review of these two products below may help to decide which is the better camera you can use.

Kingslim D1 Pro Review

Kingslim D1 is a dual dash camera product that can record the road view and cabin view simultaneously. For the road view, Kingslim uses a 2.5K Ultra-HD resolution to give sharp and clear views.

You can also change the camera resolution to 1080p when activating the road view and cabin view at the same time. You will get a wider area on the screen because it can record up to 170 degrees. The inside camera even can record up to 340 degrees view.

Users can use this product as extra protection because they can see areas that they can’t see without this camera, including the blind spots. That’s why the Kingslim D1 dash camera is perfect for Uber, Lyft, Taxi, and family car drivers.

The manufacturer even equips this device with Sony sensors, 6-layer glass lenses, a larger aperture, and LEDs. These features allow drivers to record crucial footage on the road in the morning or at night.

You can still get the crucial detail you need even if recording the footage in low-light conditions. Kingslim also provides users with a Kingslim app to connect this device to their phone via Wi-Fi. You can’t only record, view, or download the footage from this camera but also instantly share it to your social media account.

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Kingslim D1 Pro Pros and Cons

  • This product uses a 2.5 ultra-HD resolution camera to get sharp and clear footage.
  • It helps to record in a wider area to get more detailed footage.
  • It is flexible to use even in low-light conditions.
  • Some users seem to have a problem with the viewing apps.

Kingslim D4 Review

Kingslim D4 is also a dual dash camera product, so what are the differences between these two products. The review will help you to compare Kingslim D1 Pro vs Kingslim D4 and get the best option.

Kingslim D1 Pro and Kingslim D4 use different camera resolutions. Kingslim D4 uses a 4K camera for the front view. For the rearview, the manufacturer equips this product with a 1080p resolution camera.

It is a great option if you want to capture license plates and road signs. You can also decrease the quality to 2.5K and 1080p for daily video recording without losing the detail of the footage. This product has built-in Wi-Fi that helps to connect it with the phone APP. Then, it is ready to download and adjust the settings from the phone.

The D4 version is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It uses a touchscreen control panel, so the design looks clean. In case you need a report of your driving route, you can check it when using this dash camera.

Thanks to the built-in GPS that automatically records GPS data from your driving. You don’t even need a GPS cable. Some features make it provide good quality footage at night or in low-light conditions.

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Kingslim D4 Pros and Cons

  • The 4K resolution produces outstanding footage.
  • You can use this camera to see the front and rear views.
  • There is an automatic recording feature, so you can check it anytime you want.
  • Some users are having a problem with the SD card format.

Which is Better, Kingslim D1 Pro or Kingslim D4?

In the case of providing outstanding footage quality, Kingslim D4 is better than Kingslim D1 Pro. The D4 version can give you 4K footage quality. This product also provides you with front and rear views to see road signs well.

The auto-record GPS feature in Kingslim D4 will always record your driving route. As a result, you can always check it if it is needed. Kingslim D1 Pro vs Kingslim D4 review above helps to get the best overview before choosing the best one.