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Jashen V16 vs Proscenic P10 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Vacuum cleaners have made cleaning a joyful experience. These appliances come with a unique array of features to suit every cleaning need. This post reviews two cordless stick vacuums – the Jashen V16 and the Proscenic P10. Between these two popular vacuum cleaners, find out which one has the perfect features and performance that best suits your space.

JASHEN V16 Review

If you have pets or naughty kids at home, you need to look at a vacuum cleaner with robust suction power. Vacs with strong suction can pick up almost all kinds of debris, such as pet hair and piles of cereals!

The Jashen V16 is precisely what you need for such a situation. This vac boasts a strong suction power and is an excellent purchase if you want quality. The Jashen V16 is sleek, compact, and simple to operate.

JASHEN V16 Features

  • Size – The V16 is a compact cordless vac, making it suitable for small spaces such as apartments. The machine weighs around 2.5kgs and has a dimension of 25.4cm x 18cm x 111cm. Its handheld unit is lightweight, and you can store it with ease.
  • Suction Power – Most people are under the impression that cordless cleaners have a lower suction. But you might be astonished to know that the V16 is as strong as a corded unit. The 350 watts motor creates a suction strong enough to pull out any dust and debris from difficult places like carpets.
  • Battery – the vac features a removable battery, which you can charge separately. Since there are three power modes, the run time will also vary. When working in the low mode, you can expect this vacuum cleaner to run between 15 to 40 minutes.
  • Smart Floor Head – The Jashen V16 features two big brushes in the one-floor head. This feature lets you clean hardwood floors and carpets comfortably.

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Jashen V16 Pros and Cons

  • The design is compact and lightweight, which makes it comfortable to use and easy to store.
  • It features a 4-stage filtration system with a HEPA filter
  • The screen indicates you when it’s time for filter cleaning
  • It includes a headlamp which you can turn on and off whenever needed
  • Features three power modes
  • The motor makes a lot of noise

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Proscenic P10 Review

You can use the Proscenic P10 vacuum as a handheld unit or as an upright unit. The P10 vac has a sporty design and a compact size. The machine comes with several essential accessories and attachments, but the most striking feature is the firm pistol grip.

The touchscreen interface allows users to control it with ease. It weighs around 8lbs and comes with a dimension of 47 x 10 x 8.6 inches.

Proscenic P10 Features

  • Motor – the Proscenic P10 has a powerful suction of 22,000 pa, double the power offered by any other vacs from the same category.
  • Power Modes – there are four adjustable power modes on this vac. The highest cleaning is 22,000 pa whereas the lowest cleaning mode stands at 6500 pa.
  • Battery – the P10 also has a removable battery of 2200 mAh. When fully charged, this vacuum cleaner functions for 12 to 40 minutes depending on the power mode.
  • Filters – Filters are one of the most essential features of a vacuum cleaner. The Proscenic P10 comes with a 4-tier filtration system with HEPA filters.
    Touch Screen Controls – the P10 vac includes a touchscreen digital control that anyone can operate. The screen displays error codes, different cleaning modes, and battery life.
  • Dust-cup – the dust collecting cup has a capacity of 0.65 liters. If you have a spacious home, you will need to empty the bin a few times in between vacuuming.

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Proscenic P10 Pros and Cons

  • There are four cleaning modes
  • The dustbin is easy to empty
  • It includes multiple attachments to clean different types of floors
  • The suction is very powerful
  • The batteries are removable
  • Smooth to maneuver
  • The battery life is relatively short

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Difference between JASHEN V16 and Proscenic P10

The Jashen V16 has a greater battery capacity and a more powerful motor. The Proscenic P10 is lighter in weight and includes four different power modes.

Which is better, JASHEN V16 or Proscenic P10?

The Jashen V16 is more powerful than the P10, making it suitable for homes that have carpeted floors and pets.

The Proscenic P10 is an excellent option for smaller spaces like apartments.

Both the vacs have decent performance and offer enough features to clean your space in no time.