Inswan INS-1 vs Ipevo V4K Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Do you know who would win in a battle between Inswan INS1 vs Ipevo V4K?

Finding the perfect USB document camera for your long-distance education purposes might be tricky. However, the Inswan INS1 and Ipevo V4K have proven to be two of the most reliable devices for this purpose.

Inswan INS-1 Review

The first competitor that we will review is Inswan INS-1, which has gained quite an impressive reputation thanks to its features. One of the best things about this USB document camera is that it offers endless features that will help you in long-distance education and web conferencing.

The first notable feature that you will find is its ultra-high-definition image. Its 8 megapixels SONY CMOS sensor can capture live images at 30 fps. You can even use this device to capture images up to 3264×2448 pixels.

The next feature you will love is its compact and small design, which allows you to free up desktop space for other crucial things. The design is not only stylish, yet is also durable and easy to manage thanks to its multi-joint design. You can shoot areas up to 15.74×11.81 with the help of this USB document camera.

Since this device is equipped with bundled anti-glare sheet and supplemental LED light, you will see how good it is at eliminating any exposure problem. This also means that you will be able to use the Inswan INS-1 in any lighting condition, even in the darkest and lightest conditions.

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Inswan INS-1 Pros and Cons

  • Acts as a 2-in-1 document camera and webcam
  • Suitable in any lighting condition
  • Equipped with a flawless built-in microphone
  • Ultra-high-definition live streaming
  • Compact and small design
  • Has an adjustable arm for versatility
  • Might lag if you open a lot of tabs
  • Might find trouble in installing the software

Ipevo V4K Review

Since we are talking about Inswan INS-1 vs Ipevo V4K, it is only fair if we also do a full review of the latter. So, much like the Inswan INS-1, the Ipevo V4K is also equipped with a lovely 8-megapixel camera that can capture ultra-high-definition live images. This camera can also capture images up to 3264×2448 pixels, which is pretty impressive.

Another reason why we recommend this USB document camera is because of its lag-free live streaming feature. This feature allows you to stream at 30 fps at full high-definition images. This device is also equipped with a fast-focusing speed that will help you minimize any interruption during your session.

You will also love the SONY CMOS image sensor that you can find in this device, which will help reduce noises and produce incredible color reproduction. You can safely say that this USB document camera is excellent in capturing images in even the dimmest light environments.

One of the most unique features you can find in this device is its multi-joined stand. If you use the USB document camera heavily, the joints might get loose. And this design allows for easy fixing of the loose joints.

This device is compatible with almost any kind of operating system. It also has a shooting area of 13.45”x10.04”.

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Ipevo V4K Pros and Cons

  • Can produce ultra-high-definition images
  • Allows for a lag-free live streaming
  • The fast-focusing speed feature helps minimize interruptions
  • The multi-jointed stand allows for easy fixing
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Great noise reduction and color reproduction
  • Limited shooting area
  • Does not come with the most reliable instruction

Which is Better, Inswan INS-1 or Ipevo V4K?

Based on our review, have you decided which USB document camera is the best?

Well, to determine which one is the best, you need to determine your needs as well. The ultimate task is to decide which USB document camera that suits your needs.

If you want a small USB document camera with a wide shooting area, the Inswan INS-1 should be your go-to camera.

However, if you want a relatively lag-free camera, the Ipevo V4K might be the better choice for you. So, have you decided which one is better between Inswan INS-1 vs Ipevo V4K?