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Huion Inspiroy Q11K vs Huion New 1060 PLUS Review: Pros and Cons – Huion Inspiroy Q11K vs. Huion New 1060 PLUS becomes an undeniable comparison, which must be made especially when you want to choose Huion as your working companion. Although both units come from Huion, each comes with a different specification that must be paid attention to carefully to get the most suitable one.

Huion Inspiroy Q11K Review

  • Design

You will love the ergonomic design offered by Huion Inspiroy Q11K and enjoy extra comfort when working with this unit because it has a surface that is smooth to the touch, around corners, and also has a curvy edge. You do not have to worry any longer about the tiredness of the arm after working for long hours.

  • Features

The upgrade of pressure sensitivity levels allows users to experience 8192 levels of pen pressure. It means that you can get better performance and accuracy. You can create everything precisely as you wanted. The new pen comes with an elegant design and more importantly recharging ability.

You can make sure that the workspace will be tidier because you will not have any cable needed for connectivity. It is supported by wireless connectivity and also shortcuts keys for efficiency for using favorite functions on the tablet.

Working space with large size and also finish that like paper can be offered by this product since it comes with high-end materials for drawing area that has 11 inches size. Last but not least, the battery capacity can last for more than 40 hours.

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Huion Inspiroy Q11K Pros and Cons

  • Using easiness
  • Drawing area with large size
  • Pen with responsive performance
  • Drawing tablets for any artist with different skill levels
  • Driver issues
  • No customer service


Huion New 1060 PLUS Review

  • Design

Huion New 1060 PLUS comes with a new layout, particularly in the appearance aspect. A working area with 10 x 6.25 inches size can be found in this unit. Of course, you will find the full area of the new surface is excellent along with the narrow edge design.

As a result, this unit looks bigger. Carrying pen along with the tablet can be done quickly since there is a carrier for a pen on the right side.

  • Features

Huion New 1060 PLUS is genuinely an updated version because it comes with pen pressure sensitivity at 8192 levels combined with 233pps and 5080lpi which will ensure you with a much better experience when drawing more precise and smooth lines.

There are 12 keys to express performance and 16 keys for function. You can customize the essentials for making a more efficient tablet operation. It is excellent that this tablet comes with great support for left-handed as well as right-handed ones.

The unit comes along with a built-in SD card that has an 8GB capacity. The extension is possible up to 64GB for more convenient artwork saving and portability. The unit also comes with a micro port for USB and even a USB cable with a right angle design for hard-to-break performance.

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Huion New 1060 PLUS Pros and Cons

  • USD cord that can be detached
  • No lagging or skipping when drawing and shading along with outstanding pressure point
  • Built in micro SD card with extendable capacity
  • Large drawing area
  • Pretty short detachable USB cord.



It seems like both products offer people with large drawing areas for better working experience. However, for better efficiency, Huion New 1060 PLUS has plus points because you can find more shortcut keys and also express essentials. The fact that it also comes with a built-in micro SD card makes it much more lovable when comparing Huion Inspiroy Q11K vs. Huion New 1060 PLUS.

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