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HP Sprocket Select vs HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Review: Pros and Cons

Printing photos used to be a complicated task. You might have your camera to take the photos but you need to bring it to the photo studio to print it with high quality. Nowadays, people can take a photo super easily using their smartphone, and printing the photos can be much easier as well.

All that you need is an instant photo printer. With this device, you can print your photos directly from your smartphone. HP Sprocket can be the instant photo printer you need but still, you have to make a comparison of HP Sprocket Select vs HP Sprocket 2nd Edition to find the right device that can meet your photo printing needs.

HP Sprocket Select Review

The first option of an instant photo printer is the HP Sprocket Select. If you are familiar with the original HP Sprocket, you might have a big question about the difference between the HP Sprocket Select and the original one. One thing is for sure, HP Sprocket Select comes with various features that can enhance your photo printing experience.

HP Sprocket Select Features

First of all, you can check the result of the photo printing with HP Sprocket Select. Compared to the original one, this product can print photos that are 30% larger in size. You can print your photos quickly from your smartphone by connecting it with the HP Sprocket app using Bluetooth connectivity.

The HP Sprocket app can help you to curate your photos. You will also be offered many kinds of features, filters, frames, and stickers that are made exclusively by the designers to decorate your pictures.

You can even do more with your pictures and be creative by making doodles and capture them. Your doodle picture can be made into customized stickers using the HP Sprocket app.

Amazingly, you can also print photos from your social media. You only need to tag them to find them easily. Of course, the HP Sprocket app can also be used to filter them before printing.

The design of the printer is created to match the function of the instant photo printer. It is slim and portable so you can carry it anywhere to print photos from your smartphone anytime.

HP Sprocket app might be able to be downloaded for free but you can have fun with this app. Your content can be unlocked in augmented reality. This way, you can view many things from the hidden videos to the shared queues of print.

When buying this product, HP Zink photo paper is included in the package. There are ten sheets of them with 2.3 x 3.4 inches measurement. The photo paper is sticky-backed into your printer.

The photo’s result is smudge-proof. You can also print stickers that can help you make a creative journal and have fun.
The unit is offered with a limited warranty for one year. HP Web Support will be ready to help you for 24 hours seven days per week for free.

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HP Sprocket Select Pros and Cons:

  • Slim design
  • Rechargeable
  • Richer color printing
  • Easy to use
  • Good photo quality for journaling and card
  • Limited photo paper option
  • Less film vibe

HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Review

It is about HP Sprocket Select vs HP Sprocket 2nd Edition comparison. After finding out the features offered by HP Sprocket Select, it is time to know more about HP Sprocket 2nd Edition. Does it come with a significant difference from the HP Sprocket Select?

HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Features

It is still HP Sprocket that means this unit can be used for printing photos instantly on the go. This printer can print photos on sticky-backed photo paper with 2×3 inches size. The most important thing is that the printer size is similar to the smartphone size. This way, you can carry your photo printer anywhere easily.

You can also enjoy augmented reality using HP Sprocket 2nd Edition. You only need to scan the unit using your smartphone. The HP Sprocket app on your smartphone will view the photo print jobs queue virtually. More things can be found in the app since more features are added to it.

The app can also be used for sharing custom photo albums. You can feel free to personalize your photo prints by using the app for decorating, designing, and printing the photos from your social media.

It is supported by Bluetooth 5 connectivity that allows you to stay connected. The connection can be kept even when the printer is not used because it can be set in sleep mode. Sleep mode will keep the printer ready to use without draining the battery.

To print the photo, you need to load the HP ZINK photo paper into the printer. Remember, the photo paper size must be 2 x 3 inches. The photo prints created will be free from smudge. Since the paper comes with a sticky back, you can also print stickers using this printer.

Along with the printer unit, 20 sheets of photo paper are included in the package. It is supported with a limited warranty for one year for the hardware.

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HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Pros and Cons:

  • Small size to carry around
  • Long-lasting battery for each charging time
  • Good print quality
  • Can only use HP ZINK photo paper

Difference between HP Sprocket Select and HP Sprocket 2nd Edition?

The main difference that can be found between HP Sprocket Select and HP Sprocket 2nd Edition is the print size. The HP Sprocket 2nd Edition can print on 2 x 3 inches photo paper while the HP Sprocket Select can print on 2.3 x 3.4 inches photo paper.

Both come with HP ZINK photo paper in the package. However, HP Sprocket Select only has 10 sheets of photo papers included while HP Sprocket 2nd Edition has 20 sheets included.

Which is Better, HP Sprocket Select or HP Sprocket 2nd Edition?

Should you buy HP Sprocket Select or HP Sprocket 2nd Edition? If you want to have a larger photo print result, HP Sprocket Select must be a better choice. Yet, the size is not significantly different so HP Sprocket 2nd Edition is still worth buying after making HP Sprocket Select vs HP Sprocket 2nd Edition comparison.