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HP Laserjet M110w vs HP Laserjet M110we Review: Pros and Cons

HP is well-known as one of the big companies in the electronic device market, especially in the printer category. This time, we will review two products from this brand in its laser jet printer category. Here is the printer review and comparison between HP Laserjet M110w vs HP Laserjet M110we.

HP Laserjet M110w Review

M110w is one of the compact laserjet printers from HP and is even called the world’s compact laserjet printer. Its dimension is 13.63 x 7.45 x 6.26 inches, which gives you more freedom to put it almost everywhere. It is suitable for an office job because you will always need it close to you, on your working desk.

HP also gives extra service for this product in the form of the optional subscription for the Instant Ink feature. With this service, HP will send you a refill for your printer whenever you run out. It means you don’t need to spend more time to get the ink and refill your printer.

Other than those features, we also found several features that we consider are the elements that you should put into your consideration when you choose one between these two printers. One of them is this printer’s printing speed.

The printing speed for M110w is 21 pages per minute. That’s slightly higher than the standard printing speed of a laserjet printer in the same category/class. With that speed, you don’t have to spend too much time when you print multiple pages of documents or images, which improves your printing efficiency.

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HP Laserjet M110w Pros & Cons

  • Compact size, suitable for office and study room,
  • Instant Ink service for easy-to-get refill and cartridge anytime you want it,
  • Fast printing speed (21 ppm),
  • Beautiful modern and minimalist design.
  • Complicated installation and setup process,
  • Cheap and thin paper tray.

HP Laserjet M110we Review

Let’s move to the next product in this HP Laserjet M110w vs HP Laserjet M110we review. From its name, it is pretty similar to the first product. However, we can say that this product has different features that you need to know.

The design is similar to the M110 model, with a slight difference in the nuance. This product has a more modern design, which is suitable for the modern room or office. Furthermore, the intuitive control panel on top also adds that modern or advanced tech device.

As for the feature, it also has a similar Instant Ink feature. You will get 6 free months of services if you bought this printer. It means you have enough supply for the ink to print up to 1500 pages a month for six months.

Other than Instant Ink, HP also includes the HP+ Smart Printing System. It helps you to connect the printer to your device through the app. Therefore, you can print the document or image from far away.

This printer has 21 pages per minute printing speed. It is similar to the standard printing speed of many printers. But, we can say that this laserjet printer has higher printing efficiency.

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HP Laserjet M110we Pros & Cons

  • Compact printer size,
  • 6 month free Instant Ink service,
  • High printing speed (21 pages per minute),
  • HP+ Smart Printing System that helps you to print anything from your mobile device.
  • It has a complicated installation and setup process.

Which is Better, HP Laserjet M110w or HP Laserjet M110we?

From the review above, we can see almost everything that both products can do and give to you as a laserjet printer. Based on that, the better printer between M110w and M110we is M110we which has much better features and improvements than M110w.

Now, you already know the winner between these two. We believe that you can choose the printer you want to buy. And, that’s everything about HP Laserjet M110w vs HP Laserjet M110we.