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HP DesignJet T210 vs HP DesignJet T250 Review: Pros & Cons

HP DesignJet is well-known because of its ability to support complicated tasks, such as printing technical line drawings, precise rendering, printing posters, maps, and many more. HP even launches two products, which are DesignJet T210 and T250. So, HP DesignJet T210 vs HP DesignJet T250, which one is better? Find out the answer from the review below.

HP DesignJet T210 Review

HP launches DesignJet T210 to support users who need to print files to get precise lines, crisp text, and other professional patterns. It is the reason why some architects, engineers, and construction workers use this printer.

You can use this printer to print in a large media and size, such as a 24-inch-wide media roll. On the other hand, this printer is also ready to print in wide formats, such as a 13-inch x 19-inch sheet. The way to use this printer is also easy because you don’t have to manually switch the media source.

HP also claims that this printer can save ink efficiency by up to 95 percent with regular maintenance. The setting is even easier with the software that HP includes on the package, such as HP click, HP Smart app, HP Print Preview for Windows, and many more.

Using this printer makes the printing process more flexible. Thanks to the Wi-Fi feature that helps you to transfer the file you are about to print from your smartphone to the printer. The printer will automatically print the file from the smartphone.

This feature works well, especially for urgent printing tasks. The printing speed is up to 45 seconds per page on A1/D size or approximately 59 pages per hour to finish a printing task in the same paper size.

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HP DesignJet T210 Pros and Cons

  • It is suitable for printing in a large or wide format.
  • The printing speed is fast enough for printing a lot of pages.
  • The printing result is good due to its features and cartridges.
  • Some users explain that there is a minor problem with the software.


HP DesignJet T250 Review

Now, continue the comparison between HP DesignJet T210 vs HP DesignJet T250 by reading the HP DesignJet T250 review. It generally has the same function where users can print large files. The printing speed is one of the differences between the T210 and T250. The T250 version is printing faster.

This product can finish a printing task on A1/D paper in only 30 seconds. Printing an urgent printing task is not a problem anymore because you can print the file from your smartphone. All you have to do is download the HP Smart app and control everything from it.

You can even print a file without sending the file to a computer first. HP understands that ink is crucial for a printer, especially if you have to print in a large format. Because of that, this manufacturer improves the system of the printer to reduce the use of ink but it produces a high-quality printing result.

As a result, this printer limits the use of ink up to 95 percent. Due to this improvement, the T250 can print a line 31 percent more accurately compared to other old-fashioned printers. So, use this printer if you have to print in a variety of styles, including sheet feed, roll feed, automatic horizontal cutter, and many more.

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HP DesignJet T250 Pros and Cons

  • This printer helps to produce high-quality results.
  • It is suitable for printing in a large format.
  • The printing speed is faster and fast enough to print a file that contains a lot of pages.
  • It may be difficult to find customers’ feedback on this product.

Which is Better, HP DesignJet T210 or HP DesignJet T250?

If you are looking for a printer with a fast-printing speed, HP DesignJet T250 is better than HP DesignJet T210. This printer can finish a print task in approximately 30 seconds per A1/D page. You can also control the printer features via an HP app for a faster printing process.

Indeed, choosing one of these printers after reading the HP DesignJet T210 vs HP DesignJet T250 review is a bit difficult. Both printers have similar features, but people love to finish their printing tasks faster.