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HP DesignJet T210 vs HP DesignJet T230 Review: Pros and Cons

HP always comes with revolutionary devices, including printers. This brand has two great printers which are HP DesignJet T210 and T230. Both of them are perfect for those who want to print in a large medium, such as maps, technical drawings, and many more.

Indeed, you have to know the comparison between HP DesignJet T210 vs HP DesignJet T230 to know the best one to use. Despite their similarities, both of these printers have differences that may affect your printing tasks. Choosing the best printer helps to finish all tasks right away and get a maximum result as you wish.

HP DesignJet T210 Review

Printing maps, technical drawings, and posters are much easier with HP DesignJet T210. The system helps to print the line accurately, along with the crisp text. That’s why this printer is ideal for AEC, GIS, and MCAD professionals. You can even print a file in an up to 24-inch-wide media roll or 24 x 74.7-inch sheets.

HP DesignJet T210 Features

HP DesignJet T210 is suitable for printing in a sheet feed, roll feed, and automatic horizontal cutter. The systems allow its users to print multiple files easier and faster. You can even print virtually anywhere and anytime using the HP smart app.

This feature works well if you have to print specific files urgently. Set the printing task from the app, so you are ready to take the result once you arrive. This product also works with USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, and Gigabit Ethernet.

The printing speed is also fast enough in which this print can finish a page in only 45 seconds on A1/D size or 59 pages per hour. HP Smart app is not the only software you can use to operate HP DesignJet T210. You can also use other software, including HP Click, HP Print Preview for Windows, HP Easy Start, HP DesignJet Utility for Windows, and HP Support Assistant.

HP supports this printer with a touchscreen controller, so you can see the setting to ensure that everything is ready. Eco-friendly design is another interesting part of this product. Imagine that HP uses up to 30% recycled plastic to produce this printer, yet it is still a durable printer.

The model is modern and stylish enough for an office. You will get an HP DesignJet T210 Printer, printhead, introductory ink cartridges, spindle, quick reference guide, setup poster, and power cord in the box. This printer is easy to install. You only need about 10 minutes to install and set up everything before using this printer.

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HP DesignJet T210 Pros and Cons

  • HP DesignJet T210 is easy to install and set up even for first-time users.
  • The printing speed per page is fast enough.
  • The remote printing feature is great to print an urgent project immediately.
  • There are minor issues with the instructions on the display.

HP DesignJet T230 Review

At a glance, HP DesignJet T230 looks similar to HP DesignJet T210. This printer is also suitable to print maps, technical drawings, and posters. You can also use this printer for printing in up to 24-inch media rolls or 24 x 74.7-inch sheets. The specifications below may help to compare HP DesignJet T210 vs HP DesignJet T230.

HP DesignJet T230 Features

HP DesignJet T230 is ready to print files in a sheet feed, roll feed, and automatic horizontal cutter. Like HP DesignJet T210, this printer is also wireless in which you can print a file remotely using HP Smart App.

You even can use other software, such as HP Click, HP Print Preview for Windows, HP Easy Start, HP DesignJet Utility for Windows, and HP Support Assistant to operate this printer. The model is also the same.

HP also produces this printer with recycled plastic without decreasing the durability level. You are about to operate this printer in a colorful touchscreen display. With all the same features, the printing speed between T210 and T230 is different.

HP DesignJet T230 is a bit slower in which it finishes an A1/D size for about 35 seconds. At least, it is also fast enough than other similar printers. The security system is another different element on these printers.

HP DesignJet T230 uses dynamic security, yet users have to update it periodically. You can only operate this printer with cartridges that have an original HP chip. The result is not as perfect as printing using a cartridge with an original HP chip even if the printer works with non-HP chip cartridges.

Based on the specifications and features, this printer is also suitable for professionals AEC, GIS, and MCAD. You are about to get a result with precise lines and crisp text. Printing multiple tasks is faster because you can do it immediately and remotely, despite the speed that is slower than its rival T210.

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HP DesignJet T230 Pros and Cons

  • The printer is made of 30% recycled plastic, yet it is durable.
  • Wireless and remote printing are great for printing files urgently.
  • The printing quality is also good enough, along with accurate lines and crisp text.
  • The printing speed is a bit slower than T210.
  • There is a minor issue with the sheet catcher.

Difference Between HP DesignJet T210 and HP DesignJet T230

The significant difference between HP DesignJet T210 and HP DesignJet T230 is the printing speed. HP DesignJet T210 is faster than HP DesignJet T230 in which T210 can print up to 45 seconds on A1/D size or 59 pages per hour, whereas T230 can only print up to 35 seconds per page.

On the other hand, HP DesignJet T230 has a dynamic security system in which you can only operate it with cartridges with the original HP chip. This security system keeps the quality of the result. It ensures that you always get the best printing result, especially if you use it for business.

Which is Better, HP DesignJet T210 or HP DesignJet T230?

From the review above, HP DesignJet T210 is better than HP DesignJet T230. Despite a tight result when comparing HP DesignJet T210 vs HP DesignJet T230, HP DesignJet T210 has a faster printing speed. The faster the speed, the more pages the printer can finish. It means you can complete a printing task quicker.

This printer also doesn’t need a specific cartridge as HP DesignJet T230. As a result, you can print files anytime and anywhere despite the cartridges you use. This printer is great for professional purposes if the manufacturer gives a quick start guide. So, those who need a fast printer that produces a high-quality result can choose HP DesignJet T210.