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Hoover UH30301 vs Hoover UH30600 Review: Pros and Cons

Spending hours, cleaning your house is nothing but a nightmare. Moreover, the increasing pollution has made it important to switch to a handy domestic tool. If you are looking for something to save time and keep your house clean, reading details of Hoover UH30301 vs. Hoover UH30600 may be helpful.

Hoover UH30301 Review

Hoover UH30301 is a sleek vacuum with simple and easy- to use cleaning power that keeps your house dust and dirt free.

Its flexible brush roll is here to clean your rugs, floors, and carpets with ease.

The wind tunnel technology helps to remove the deep-rooted debris accumulated on the surfaces. It allows you to enjoy the clean and fresh air by trapping 99.7% of dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens.

Hoover UH30301 Features

  • Its lightweight and stable handle facilitate its users to carry the vacuum across and clean efficiently.
  • It reduces the hassle of unplugging as it comes with a 30-foot cord that enables extension from room to room.
  • It assures optimal performance and provides an alert to replace the bag when required.
  • The simple one-step bag disposal option makes it convenient to dispose of the dirt with the minimum contact possible.
  • The vacuum comes with great suction power enabling it to clean the dust and animal fur from rugs and carpets.
  • It has an adjustable brush roll which facilitates easy usage for the consumers to clean almost any type of floor.
  • It has user-friendly power controls, and the power button is easily accessible.
  • It comes with an Air Powered Hand Tool, Extension Wand, Brushroll, and 8 Foot Hose.

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Hoover UH30301 Pros and Cons

  • It is a Light-weighted vacuum that is easy to move between floors and
    deep corners.
  • Hoover UH30301 comes with a 2-year assured warranty.
  • It is easy to assemble and saves a lot of time.
  • The vacuum cleaner is a little noisy.
  • The wire of the vacuum is located at the bottom which may get tangled at times.

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Hoover UH30600 Review

Hoover UH30600 is the perfect choice for all those who love cleaning. It requires minimum maintenance and quickly cleans almost all the dust that comes it’s the way.

Its WindTunnel MAX Technology provides 3 channels of suction that efficiently removes all the accumulated debris without letting the dust scatter.

Its advanced HEPA FILTER comes with the ability to trap 99. 7% of dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens making the house look as good as new.

Hoover UH30600 Features

  • It facilitates a multi-floor adjustment setting so that the user can easily move the vacuum between floors and rugs.
  • It only requires one simple touch to release the dirtbag into the trash, saving a handful of time.
  • It enables the users to clean up to 17 feet above the floor and easily reach and clean the ceilings, fans, moldings, and more.
  • It is a boon for people with dust allergies as the machine comes with excellent filtration and does not let the dirt come out of the bag.
  • This Hoover Vacuum has user-friendly power controls, making it convenient for first-time users.
  • It has great suction power which helps to remove the dirt from almost all the deep corners of the house.
  • It comes with: Telescoping Extension Wand, 12-inch crevice tool, upholstery/dusting brush, and air-powered hand tool

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Hoover UH30600 Pros and Cons

  • It allows to clean the ceiling, fans, and wall mounting without much
  • It is very effective in removing animal fur from rugs and carpets.
  • The machine makes a lot of noise while cleaning.
  • It proves to be a little heavy if one has to carry it around the house
    and clean

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Difference between Hoover UH30301 and Hoover UH30600?

The Hoover UH30301 and Hoover UH30600 both are efficient in completely cleaning the house.

Hoover UH30301 can remove the embedded dust particles skilfully on almost all floor types while the Hoover UH30600 is successfully able to clean 17ft above of floor and reach the ceilings and fans.

Which is better Hoover UH30301 OR Hoover UH30600?

Hoover UH30600 comes with advanced and better features and ensures deep cleaning. But it has proven to a noisy and heavy in weight.

Overall, if you are looking for a vacuum that is easy to use with lightweight, accessible features and deep cleaning then Hoover UH30301 is a better option to go for.