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Holy Stone HS720 vs Holy Stone HS700D Review: Pros and Cons

Today, the drone becomes a very popular tool. It can be used for different purposes like monitoring using a camera from the top. When it talks about the drone, people often compare Holy Stone HS720 vs Holy Stone HS700D. To know more about them, let’s see the following discussion.

Holy Stone HS720 Review

  • Design

Based on the design, it belongs to a portable GPS drone. It makes this drone very simple and easy to operate. Besides that, it also comes with a foldable design that eases you to carry it in your bag. Its foldable design also makes it easy to carry and store the drone.

  • Features

There are many features you can find. First, this drone features a 2K camera with shock absorption. It lets you rotate and adjust the lens 90 degrees and comes with a 5G fluent FPV transmission.

Besides, it is also equipped with an intelligent battery that makes it able to fly safely and durably for up to 26 minutes. Then, it is featured with a brushless motor where it comes with aviation propellers that aim for high aerodynamic efficiency.

The next feature is GPS Return to home. It is useful to make your drone automatically return when the battery is low or anytime you press the key return.

Next, it also provides a point of interest. This feature is useful to fly along the set path automatically. There is also a drone app to control it easily so that you can enjoy the landscape and beauty everywhere.

Holy Stone HS720 also comes with the Follow Me feature. This feature will let you get professional images easily no matter how quick your drone runs. Other features include optical flow positioning and foldable design.

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Holy Stone HS720 Pros and Cons

  • Foldable design
  • Longer flight
  • Long charging

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Holy Stone HS700D Review

  • Design

Holy Stone HS700D comes in 8.66-inch x 8.66-inch x 6.10 inches. With these dimensions, this drone weighs 608 grams. It does not have protection guards.

Anyway, the design is good enough so that you will not be disappointed to have it. It also has a transmitter that comes with the phone holder.

  • Features

Some features are provided for an enjoyable flight. One of them is a 5GHz Live Video Transmission that lets you seize the moment with an adjustable camera and ensures live video up to 2600 ft. Besides, it also features a 22-minute modular battery. 22 minutes of maximum flight is very enjoyable for beginners.

You can also put and replace the battery. Then, it also comes with a brushless motor that provides a powerful flight. One more, it also offers quick-release propellers that let you upgrade propellers efficiency & powerfully.

Holy Stone HS700D also offers some features for intelligent flight. First, there is a simple control that lets you launch and flies it quickly. Besides, it also lets the pilot focus on camera control & enable more complex shots.

Second, it features GPS Follow Me. With this feature, your drone will follow you and ease you to shot or record your desired object. You do not need to worry that your drone will be lost because it has an auto-return feature. Last, app control is available. You can draw a route easily.

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Holy Stone HS700D Pros and Cons

  • Fast and quiet flight
  • Removable camera
  • Lower battery life
  • Long charging
  • Not lightweight

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Which Is Better, Holy Stone HS720 or HS700D?

From the review of each drone, you can see which one is better, depending on your needs. If you want a drone that is easy to carry and store, Holy Stone HS720 should be your choice. If you prefer a drone that can fly fast & quietly, you should choose Holy Stone HS700D.

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