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Holy Stone HS720 vs DJI Mavic Mini Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Holy Stone HS720 Vs DJI Mavic Mini is an endless topic to be discussed about the drone. Both of them belong to the best options if you want to have a drone. You can choose your desired one depending on your needs. So, you have to know the design, features, and pros & cons of each.

Holy Stone HS720 Review

  • Design

Holy Stone HS720 comes with a foldable design. It means you can fold it when you do not use it. So, you can carry easily and store efficiently. Even more, it also comes with a carrying bag. Besides that, it also has a built-in metallurgical gear that aims for a carefree and smooth movement.

  • Features

This drone comes with many features. First, it features optical flow set on the fixed height with a double stable system. Second, it is equipped with the Follow Me feature. No matter how quick you run it, your drone will get professional images easily.

Third, it comes with GPS Return to Home to prevent getting lost. Forth, it is also featured with a Point of Interest that can orbit automatically along the path you have set. Fifth, this also offers a drone app. This feature can be used to control the drone so that you can enjoy the landscape and beauty everywhere.

Sixth, this drone features a brushless motor that comes with aviation propellers. This feature is very useful for aerodynamic efficiency so that it will be quieter and also longevous than the brushed motor.

Seventh, it also offers 26 minute flying time. You need to thank its military-grade intelligent battery that is durable and safe with the long flight time.

Last, the 2K camera belongs to the best feature. This camera comes with shock absorption, 5G fluent FPV transmission, and a 90-degree rotation adjustable lense.

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Holy Stone HS720 Pros and Cons

  • Foldable design
  • Longer flight
  • Long charging

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DJI Mavic Mini Review

  • Design

On the other hand, DJI Mavic Mini has a compact and powerful design. This mini drone weighs under 250 grams. So, it is as light as an average android smartphone. The light body makes this drone able to stay longer in the air. Anyway, it is smaller than the common drone.

  • Features

This mini drone can create smooth and vivid shots because of some features. One of them is a remote controller that aims to maintain an HD video feed up to 4 km distance.

Besides that, it also comes with various Creator Templates which generate great videos with one tap only. Then, this mini drone also supports 12MP serial photos as well as 2.7K Quad HD videos. Thanks to its 3-axis motorized gimbal for the superior camera and smooth footage.

In addition, it is also featured with the DJI Fly app that gives you integrated access to social media to share videos or photos.

This mini drone is also easy to use. You need to thank some features including Snap Adapter, QuickShots, and Less Battery Charging. Snap Adapter lets you personalize this drone with various compatible accessories.

QuickShots lets you shot videos or photos that look like a Hollywood film. QuickShots modes include Rocket, Helix, Circle, and Dronie. Last, this drone does not only fly longer but also has faster battery charging.

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DJI Mavic Mini Pros and Cons

  • Foldable design
  • Stable video capturing
  • Longer battery life
  • No object tracking

Which Is Better, Holy Stone HS720 or DJI Mavic Mini?

According to the review above, we can conclude that both of them are easy to carry but DJI Mavic Mini is lighter in weight. Besides that, if you want a drone with a longer flight time and faster charging, DJI Mavic Mini should also be your choice.

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