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Holy Stone HS510 vs Holy Stone HS720 Review: Pros and Cons

Using a drone to capture pictures is more than just a trend. The tool is indeed functional and effective mainly to shoot objects that are not easily reached. Sure, along with the popularity of the tool, many producers just release their product series. It is quite difficult to determine which is the best one among them. While from Holy Stone, some series below are worth trying.

Holy Stone HS510 Review


This series of adult drones has a very simple design with a white body and black quadcopters. It is also lightweight, making it more flexible to operate.

In the package, there are some items available. They are the drone, a transmitter, 2 pieces of modular battery, a carrying case, a C charging cable, 4 additional propellers, a screwdriver, a charger hub, and a manual book.


The main feature provided in Holy Stone HS510 is the 4K Super Resolution photo to bring you crystal clear images and videos. For the video, it provides smooth 4k videos at 16 frames per second.

The product is portable also since the propellers can be simply separated from the body and then folded. Another important feature to add to this product is the app control with GPS Follow Me. This way, the process of capturing or recording is easier to control.

Aside from the GPS, the drone also provides GLONASS. This way, it has dual satellite connectivity to avoid you losing signals outdoors and even in remote areas. Setting up the product is getting simpler with some tools like the optical flow positioning, barometer and satellite systems, and new landing technology.

For the power system, it has a brushless motor with aviation propellers for higher aerodynamic efficiency.

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Holy Stone HS510 Pros and Cons

  • The drone is simple and compact in terms of design. Besides, it works well with great capture results. It is also quiet and able to land more safely with new landing technology applied.
  • When it is too far away, it is really hard to see. It is better also to avoid it from strong wind.

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Holy Stone HS720 Review


If you are interested in a type of drone with a more modern and futuristic design, this one is the best answer. Being dominated with metallic black, Holy Stone HS720 looks stronger and sturdier.

There are some items in the package; they are a drone and the transmitter, a battery, 4 extra propellers, a screwdriver, a USB charging cable with a charging hub, and the instruction.


Holy Stone HS720 is known as one of the fantastic drones in its class. It is more than just about the design but also the camera applied. It comes out with a 4K UHD Camera with Image Stabilization. The camera is built along with a shock absorption holder for higher resolution images and videos without vibration.

Meanwhile, it also features a 5GHZ FPV transmission and 90 degrees of an adjustable lens to see the object from different angles more easily.

It also features a GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight to avoid you losing the drone in any situation. The drone can go back to you automatically when the battery is low. The feature also avoids problems like lost signals as well as makes it always focus only on the object. Although generally, the product looks modern and sophisticated, it is really friendly for beginners with an easy interface and simple operation.

Additionally, it also has a considerate controller, to control the range of 2.4 GHz transmitter to fly to the higher range. Interestingly, the controller is also designed to be friendly for left-handed users.

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Holy Stone HS720 Pros and Cons

  • The product is well-designed, easy to use, and available with a simple operating system, flying higher, and automatically coming back when the battery is low.
  • When hitting an object like a tree and others even only gently, it can be easily scratched.

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Which is better, Holy Stone HS510 vs Holy Stone HS720?

Holy Stone HS720 is better than the HS510 series in many ways, starting from the design and features. Well, although the HS510 is still worth buying if you want to feel more sophisticated technology in a drone, the HS710 series is better to choose.