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Holy Stone HS510 vs DJI Mavic Mini Review: Pros and Cons

Capturing objects in remote places seems better and easier if you use a drone. The device is also not a difficult thing to find around. Yes, it is available with many products and series with their pros and cons. Some of the leading companies for drone products are Holy Stone and DJI. Here are two products from those brands to compare.

Holy Stone HS510 Review


For you who are looking for a product that is simple and also classic, Holy Stone HS510 is a good choice. it is compact and lightweight with a color combination of white and black.

In the package, you will find some items. They are including the drone itself, a transmitter, a modular battery, a carrying case, extra propellers, a screwdriver, and more.


The features available in this series are quite complete but there is no something special that makes it greater than other products on its class. But sure, you can still enjoy great photography results with a 4K super-resolution camera for clearer and sharper photos and videos.

The packaging is even more compact since the propellers can be removed and folded. So, you can just simply carry it around without spending too much space. Since it is lightweight and the dimension is quite small, you don’t even need to register it to the government.

It features some new technology systems dealing with GPS. They are GPS Follow Me, Point of Interest, TapFly, and more. Those systems enable the product to make stable captures in any condition. Besides, it provides not only GPS but also GLONASS to make it work with dual satellite connectivity.

The double systems avoid you losing contact with the drone even if the signal is not stable. Meanwhile, the brushless motor with the aviation system is also added for high dynamic efficiency.

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Holy Stone HS510 Pros and Cons

  • It is compact and lightweight. The product also gives you great results in photography in various situations.
  • The drone often stops flying when there is a strong wind. So, it is better to stop using it when the weather is not good.

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DJI Mavic Mini Review


Another simple, yet futuristic drone is from DJI. It is DJI Mavic Mini in which the product is dominated by the white color. Meanwhile, it is black for the propellers. It is considered lightweight with weighing less than 0.55 lbs, making it able to fly more flexibly and efficiently.

For the dimension, the product is one of the medium-size drones that are still visible even when it flies quite far from your area.


Although the product is not too big and lightweight enough, it is really powerful. It comes to the market with supports from 12MP aerial photos and 2K HD videos. To make sure that the camera is stable when it is used, it features a 3-axis motorized gimbal. This way, the footage to produce is clear and ultra-smooth.

For design and weight, the drone can simply stay longer in the air. You can enjoy around 30 minutes of flight time with a fully charged battery.

To make sure that the drone works well, the supporting device used must also be compatible with it. You can connect it to your smartphones as long as they are with operating systems as follows; iOS v10.0 above or Android v.6 above.

The product is strong and sturdy enough as well as the body is not easily scratched. Well, it is although you still need to be careful when using it. Make sure to stop when the weather is not friendly, for example, when it is rainy or windy.

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DJI Mavic Mini Pros and Cons

  • It is a drone with a good performance and camera, generally. The results of photos and videos are sharp and clear with the motorized gimbal applied.
  • The flight may not be stable when it is rainy and windy. So, it is better to avoid using it in such situations.

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Which is better, Holy Stone HS510 or DJI Mavic Mini?

Seeing from the features and technology used, Holy Stone HS510 is better although both provide good pictures and videos. Meanwhile, both drones are not recommended to fly in bad weather. So, there is nothing better in this situation.