Holy Stone HS270 vs Holy Stone HS700D Review: Pros and Cons

Comparing Holy Stone HS270 vs. Holy Stone HS700D is fun. Although both are from the same producers, each of them has strengths and weaknesses. Before buying, read the review below to find out which one is better.

Holy Stone HS270 Review


Holy Stone HS270 comes at 13.39 x 10 x 4.06 inches, and it weighs 3.18 pounds. It needs a Lithium Polymer battery. The design is pretty compact and stylish, and its original package can be used as storage when you need to transport the drone.


There are many exciting features of Holy Stone HS270. The drone has a 2.7k camera and can record audio, while most drones in its class can only record videos or images.

It is also supported by 5GHz transmission that ensures you always get real-time videos and pictures. It has several enabled-GPS features, such as Point of Interest, Custom Flight, and Altitude Hold. With a Point of Interest, your Holy Stone HS270 can orbit around a point that you have set previously.

Point of Interest lets your drone orbit around a moment that you have set. By using this feature, you will be able to record aerial views. Follow me enables you to make the drone follow you everywhere you go.

Altitude Hold is an essential feature that helps you to achieve stable and accurate positioning. Meanwhile, GPS Auto Return lets your drone go back to where it took off by clicking one key return. Moreover, your Holy Stone HS270 will automatically return when it lost its signal or the battery is low.

Holy Stone HS270 has a 2.7k Full HD camera that can be adjusted up to 90 degrees rotation. 5GHz FPV Transmission supports the drone to send you real-time images.

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Holy Stone HS270 Pros and Cons

  • The longer maximum range for video transmission
  • Foldable, compact
  • Almost 2.000 feet control range
  • Up to 2.7k resolution camera
  • The camera can tilt at 90 degrees
  • Has the basic GPS enabled features
  • No intelligent geofence

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Holy Stone HS700D Review


Holy Stone HS700D comes at 15.2 x 15.2 x 6.1 inches and weighs 4.39 pounds. It is pretty compact and light. To fly, it needs a Lithium Metal battery that has been included in the package. The drone uses a 4K camera that enables you to record good quality videos all the time.


There are some essential features to make sure you experience an enjoyable flight with Holy Stone HS700D. It has 5GHz Live Video Transmission to make sure you always get the best real-time images sent from the drone. The modular battery can last at a maximum of 22-minute flight time.

Enjoy the intelligent flight with your Holy Stone HS700D. It has simple control that is easy to use by beginners. You can activate GPS Follow Me to shoot yourself while keeping your hands free. By using GPS Follow Me, you can take videos or photos.

Holy Stone HS700D has Auto Return and Custom Flight Path features. Whenever you need it, it can always fly back to where it took off. Custom Flight Path lets you preset where the drone goes.

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Holy Stone HS700D Pros and Cons

  • GPS Connection enabled
  • Up to 4k resolution camera
  • The camera can tilt at 90 degrees
  • Auto Return
  • Custom Flight Path
  • Long battery charge

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Which is Better, Holy Stone HS270 or HS700D?

By reading the review, you now know which between Holy Stone HS270 vs. Holy Stone HS700D matches your needs. Overall, both of the drones are good to have, and they can help you to get high-definition videos. However, considering the specs, Holy Stone HS700D is better.