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Holy Stone HS120D vs Holy Stone HS110G Review: Pros and Cons

When it comes to the best drones, we cannot forget about Holy Stone HS120D Vs Holy Stone HS110G. It sounds difficult to choose the better one. So, you will need to pay attention to the following review first. We will focus on the design, features, and pros & cons of each drone.

Holy Stone HS120D Review


This drone is designed in a white and red finish. So, it can be seen clearly when it flies in the air. The weight is also light enough in only 4.45 ounces because it is made of strong plastic. With its strong plastic, the drone is durable even it crashes often.


This drone is powered by a LiPo battery that comes with 3,7V and 750mAh. About the transmitter, it requires four 1.5V AA batteries. For the flight time, it offers 7 minutes with the mounted camera. When it flies without the camera, it can fly up to 10 minutes. Besides, it takes 60 to 90 minutes for the charging time.

Holy Stone HS120D also features a headless gyro mode where you can also call a carefree mode. This feature lets you fly the drone forward according to your direction. Furthermore, it is also featured with leveraged advancements in miniaturization control technology where it aims to ensure a seamless flying experience.

Related to the control operation, it will range from 50 up to 100 meters. Its range allows you to fly this drone safely over a significant distance. You also need to thank its camera where it comes with a 70-degree angle-adjustable HD Wi-Fi. With this feature, you can see what is exactly seen from the camera. Other features include LED screens and LED lights.

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Holy Stone HS120D Pros and Cons

  • The impressive image and video capturing
  • FPV real-time transmission
  • Fun, safe and easy to fly
  • 3D VR set compatible
  • Delicate components

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Holy Stone HS110G Review


At a glance, it looks simple but professional. It is designed in a cool jet black color. It also comes with a small minimalist GPS sign and 4 propellers in red & white stripes. You can also find a bright LED for navigation.


It starts from the camera, it features a 1080p HD camera. This camera comes with a wide aerial view and offers 110 degrees field view. Moving to the controller, it offers a remote controller that comes with advanced functionalities. They include better button locations, battery status, and power buttons. You can also find 2 handle grips as well as a mounted holder.

About flight performance, there are many features available. One of them is a custom flight path. Besides that, it also features an emergency stop. In addition, headless mode is also available on this drone. Another best feature for the flight performance is a Follow Me mode. This drone lets you modify the setting of speed. Anyway, it offers impressive aerial capabilities. You also need to thank its built-in barometer hold function.

Holy Stone HS110G is easy to use a drone. So, it’s appropriate for beginners. It also offers a long duration of flight. Overall, this drone comes with complete features that will make all the users enjoy it so much.

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Holy Stone HS110G Pros and Cons

  • Intelligent flight battery
  • Professional remote controller
  • Advanced flight functions
  • Impressive remote control distance
  • Great quality camera
  • Lack of obstacle avoidance sensor

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Which Is Better, Holy Stone HS120D or HS110G?

As you can see in the review above, each drone comes with different designs and features. So, Holy Stone HS120D vs Holy Stone HS110G also has its strengths and weaknesses. Now, you have to be careful to choose one that meets your needs.

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