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Holy Stone HS100 vs Holy Stone HS100G Review: Pros and Cons

When it comes to popular drones, we always think about Holy Stone HS100 vs Holy Stone HS100G. Those 2 drones belong to the most popular drones loved by people. You may be confused to choose the better one. So, it is better to pay attention to the reviews first.

Holy Stone HS100 Review

  • Design

Holy Stone HS100 is a drone that comes in 500 mm x 500 mm x 175 mm. With this dimension, this drone weighs 700 grams or 24.7 ounces. This weight is the weight including its battery. Overall, the design of this drone looks elegant and eye-catching.

  • Features

This drone will have a great flight because of some features. For your information, it is featured with GPS location and auto return. The GPS mode will enable precise positioning & prevent losing it. The auto-return feature will set the drone to return when the battery is getting low.

Besides, it features a 1080p 120-degree wide-angle HD Wi-Fi optimized camera that comes with a 90-degree adjustable angle for better live video. Then, it also offers simple control. With a built-in hold function, you can fly the drone even while its height locked.

This drone also asks you to enjoy outdoor fun. Thanks to some features including Follow Me, Quick Launch, and App Control & 3D VR Compatible. Follow me mode make the drone follow your steps & point the camera to you.

For the quick launch, it comes with a one-key take-off/landing as well as an emergency stop button. The drone app lets you control it easily whereas the 3D VR provides the real-time 3D visualization experience. Overall, the features are very impressive.

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Holy Stone HS100 Pros and Cons

  • Impressive flight range
  • Easy to control
  • Long charging time
  • Bad quality for connectivity

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Holy Stone HS100G Review

  • Design

Starts from its design, Holy Stone HS100G comes in 500 mm x 500 mm x 175 mm. This is the same dimension with Holy Stone HS100. The weight is also the same at 700 grams or 24.7 ounces. Besides that, its design also looks stylish and elegant.

  • Features

This drone is very fun to fly with some features. First, it comes with an upgraded 1080p Full HD camera. This camera can capture amazing images & videos of your adventures even with high speed.

Besides that, this drone is featured with headless mode. If you activate this mode, the direction of the drone will be oriented to the pilot’s direction. Anyway, this can be considered as a great function especially when the drone is out of sight.

Then, you also need to thank its one key take-off/landing. It lets you easily and quickly take control using one key only. With easy operation, of course, this drone is very excellent for beginners.

One of the best features offered is GPS Auto Return. If you activate the GPS mode or you press the Return button, the drone return to the home point or the location of the take-off. It means, this feature offers a more fun & safer flight.

In addition, it also provides a 5G FPV Wi-Fi transmission that lets you see as the drone see. Besides, it also provides a clear live video from 1600 ft away.

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Holy Stone HS100G Pros and Cons

  • Safe for beginners
  • Easy to control
  • Impressive FPV view
  • Long battery charging
  • Short flight time

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Which Is Better, Holy Stone HS100 or HS100G?

From the comparison above, we can see some similarities between the 2 drones. They are good at the control and flight range. However, Holy Stone HS100G offers a better view. Even though Holy Stone HS100 is not a bad choice, Holy Stone HS100G may be better for you.

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