Holy Stone F181W vs Holy Stone HS200D Review: Pros and Cons

It is very difficult to choose between 2 popular drones: Holy Stone F181W Vs Holy Stone HS200D. Picking a drone must consider many aspects. So, you have to know the review including designs, features, and pros & cons. For these drones, let’s check it out in the article below.

Holy Stone F181W Review


Talking about the design, Holy Stone F181W comes with the standard design of a drone where the body in the middle is surrounded by blades at the sides. Besides that, it also belongs to a typical drone fashion. It has a camera that sits in the body. Anyway, it looks good.


Talking about the camera, first, it offers a 1080p 120-degree FOV HD Wi-Fi camera. It lets you take pictures & videos in high resolution. You can also control the camera uniquely using gestures. Paper is for video and scissor is for photo.

Besides, it also features FPV real-time transmission. It lets you see what the camera sees with live video on your smartphone by installing the app. When the app is on, you can also use Trajectory Flight and Voice Control.

Then, it is also equipped with an auto altitude hold. This function lets you release the throttle stick and then the drone will hover at the current height. So, you can shoot good videos or images easily.

This drone is easy & safe to use and even fun to play especially for beginners. You need to thank its 6-axis flight control system for its strong stability. Besides that, it also offers a headless mode so that you do not need to adjust the position of the aircraft. One more, its double 3.7 V 750 mAh LiPo batteries are good enough to make it able to fly up to 20 minutes.

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Holy Stone F181W Pros and Cons

  • Good camera
  • 2 batteries
  • Safe & easy fly
  • Cannot handle stronger wind
  • Some parts are delicate
  • Get hot quickly

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Holy Stone HS200D Review


Holy Stone HS200D comes in 12.6-inch x 12.6-inch x 3.5 inches. With these dimensions, this drone weighs 5.8 ounces. It has a red color of the body whereas the blades are black. This combination of colors looks stylish. Overall, the design of this drone is impressive enough.


Many features can be used on this drone. First, its FOV 120-degree 720p HD FPV camera can capture memorable moments in high quality. Second, it features FPV real-time transmission. This drone will perform streaming live video perfectly with its HD wide-angle camera. Third, it also comes with an altitude hold function. With this feature, you can hover at a certain height if you release the throttle stick. It really helps you to snap images steadily.

The next feature is the headless mode. It is very useful especially when this drone is out of sight. It depends on your direction when pairing the model. In addition, the control range is up to 100 meters whereas the flight time is around 10 minutes. For the battery, it uses a modularized Li-Po battery that comes in 1000 mAh.

There are still many other features such as Quadcopter system, advanced ABS plastic, 2.4 GHz 4-channel 6-axis gyro tech, app or transmitter control, one-button engine start/landing, emergency stop, low battery power alarm, gravity sensor mode, LED lighting, and adjustable speed modes.

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Holy Stone HS200D Pros and Cons

  • High-quality transmitter
  • Stability & multiple flight modes
  • Nice design
  • Decent camera
  • Not good for indoor
  • Too small controller
  • Short flight time
  • Long charging time
  • No Full HD video recording

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Which Is Better, Holy Stone F181W or HS200D?

After comparing those 2 drones, now you can decide the best one for you. Both of them have a good camera. However, if you want a drone with 2 batteries, Holy Stone F181W should be your choice. On the other hand, Holy Stone HS200D is recommended for you who want a drone with stability & multiple flight modes.

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