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GooDee YG600 vs GooDee YG420 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

This GooDee YG600 vs GooDee YG420 comparison helps you decide which projector serves you best at home. The luxury of having a home projector seems to become increasingly necessary nowadays. Although it remains an alternative for real screens, the ultimate excitement that it offers to movie lovers and gamers makes it a truly desirable device.

GooDee is known to offer the most efficiently designed models to offer the outlined goals. The two projectors offer features based on this philosophy. They both attempt to offer the best value for their users with a design that strongly suggests the unit’s real purposes. Let’s take a look at them and see which one you should choose.

GooDee YG600 Review

Based on the model number, you must have known that this projector is the more advanced model between the two. GooDee categorizes YG600 as a home theater projector. We can thus evaluate its features, pros and cons, and reliability based on its general purposes to offer the best home entertainment experience.

GooDee YG600 Features

The most distinguishing feature of GooDee YG600 is its support of Full HD resolution, which is considered today’s standard. As a home theater projector, its 1080p resolution support is decent enough to offer a sufficiently enjoyable experience.

There are, however, two resolution-related problems associated with this projector. Firstly, YG600 cites 1080p as supported resolution, and not native. The native resolution is 720p, so even if it can project images in FHD resolution, the quality will be similar to that of 720p. Secondly, 4K resolution is becoming increasingly commonplace. Virtually all of today’s movies are available in 4K and the latest gaming consoles, especially PS5, support 4K resolution. Without 4K support, the projector may get outdated soon.

YG600 also offers enhanced brightness with a contrast ratio rated at 3000:1, allowing you to see darker blacks, more vivid colors, and brighter whites. The manufacturer states that with such a contrast ratio, the projector should have no problem projecting images even at outdoor spaces, such as backyard and camping sites.

The 3000:1 contrast ratio is indeed at the top of the recommended contrast ratio range, with the lowest being 1000:1. Anything above 3000:1 is usually a marketing gimmick. Nonetheless, contrast ratio spec is mostly ignorable and the real value often depends on real users’ experience. Although GooDee states the projector’s usability outdoors, it performs best when used indoors and you should use it outdoors only occasionally.

Other features that you will love from this projector include a built-in hi-fi speaker, support of up to 230” projection, and multiple HDMI and USB slots for Android TV and anything else. You’ll also get 5-year warranty protection with a 2-month free replacement.

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GooDee YG600 Pros and Cons

  • A decent projector for an exciting FHD experience
  • A multifunctional unit with multiple HDMI and USB ports
  • Generous 5-year warranty coverage
  • VGA and AV connections available for older devices
  • Enhanced brightness and clearer images even in a well-lit environment
  • Native 720p resolution with no 4K support
  • No wireless connection (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)
  • Only wired screen mirroring (Chromecast or similar device needed for wireless mirroring)

GooDee YG420 Review

GooDee YG420 is a portable projector with features comparable to those of its home cinema counterparts. You get decent resolution support and excellent brightness, but its strongest feature lies in its dimensions, which guarantee its reliability and portability. In a nutshell, with YG420, you’ll get a compact projector with somewhat powerful features.

GooDee YG420 Features

You can see many promising features that this projector offers. As a portable projector, it does have a lightweight design, with size measured 9.6” long, 6.5” wide, and 3.2” high and weight at only 2.8 lbs. (roughly 1 kilogram). It fits any of your bags snugly and carrying it will be like carrying a standard-sized dictionary.

Dimension-wise, this projector is simply perfect. Now let’s look into something deeper. In terms of resolution, this projector has native 720p resolution with a supported resolution of up to 1080p. This means that no matter what resolution you set for the projection, it always shows the quality of a 720p image. The image will remain sharp as long as you keep the display size at 200” or lower.

On paper, GooDee rates its contrast ratio at 3000:1. You can trust the number or ignore it, but you can guarantee the image clarity as long as you use it indoors. Although it is possible to use it outdoors, the manufacturer recommends that users use it at places with minimum ambient light to achieve the best performance.

If being portable means moving between indoor and outdoor spaces, you may not be able to enjoy the best experience with this projector, but if you want to move it from a class or meeting room to another, it can be a reliable unit.

Besides being portable, YG420 is also multifunctional. It has multiple HDMI, USB, VGA, and AV ports for multi-purpose connections. You can also use the projector’s built-in hi-fi speaker or switch to an external speaker using the earphone port.

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GooDee YG420 Pros and Cons

  • A truly lightweight projector with excellent portability features
  • FHD support with a display size of up to 200”
  • Multifunctional with HDMI, USB, AV, and VGA ports
  • A loud built-in speaker
  • Generous warranty coverage
  • Not the best projector for well-lit places
  • No wireless connection (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)
  • Extra adapter (Chromecast or Lightning to HDMI) needed for screen mirroring

Difference between GooDee YG600 and GooDee YG420?

The most notable difference between YG600 and YG420 lies in their primary purpose: YG600 is for home theater whereas YG420 is designed to be a portable projector. They share some similarities in terms of native and supported resolution, contrast ratio, and the types of connectivity that they support and lack; however, YG600 is capable of projecting a bigger image up to 230” whereas YG420 is capped at 200”.

YG600 can also project an image three feet further compared with YG420, which can only project an image up to 15 feet. Based on the experiments, although both projectors have the same contrast ratio, YG600 shows a slightly brighter image compared with that of YG420.

Which is Better, GooDee YG600 or GooDee YG420?

GooDee YG420 is indeed the more inferior projector between the two; however, by looking at their true purposes (YG600 as a home theater projector and YG420 as a portable projector), we can make a more justifiable evaluation of both projectors.

Today’s home theaters mostly require a projector capable of displaying a 4K image, which YG600 cannot. A portable projector, on the other hand, generally doesn’t have the same requirement. Based on this premise, YG420 does answer its calling better than YG600 does.

What if you want to use the YG600 as a portable projector?

You can if you want, but YG420’s more lightweight design certainly makes it a better choice compared with the 5-lb YG600. Overall, based on their generic purpose, YG420 has a better edge in the GooDee YG600 vs GooDee YG420 competition.