Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 vs Dewalt DCK2100P2 Review: Pros & Cons

After doing some research, you might find that the best hammer drills in the market are Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 vs Dewalt DCK2100P2. However, which one should you choose for the kind of work you are trying to do? Well, here is a complete review and comparison of both products.

Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 Review

The Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 is the perfect example of a very powerful 20V hammer drill. This cordless hammer drill is stylish, comfortable, and powerful at the same time. And that is not the only reason why a lot of people love this hammer drill.

This hammer drill is already very powerful on its own. However, it will get as much as 42% more power if you pair it with FLEXVOLT batteries. On top of that, the Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 is also compatible with all FLEXVOLT and Dewalt 20V MAX batteries.

One of the most impressive features you will find in this hammer drill is the super bright LED that will help you work in any kind of environment. The 3-mode LED can provide lighting in dark or confined spaces. The lights are even 20 times brighter than many previous hammer drill models you can find.

Other than providing excellent lighting, the LED Spotlight mode also allows you to have the 20-minute shutoff function. That way, you will be able to work in the dark for an extended time. Working in a difficult environment will be very easy with the help of this hammer drill.

Some other features that this drill provides include versatility in speed settings, added control from Precision Drive, and visibility thanks to its LED lights. That is why this drill is very impressive.

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Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 Pros & Cons

  • Compatible with FLEXVOLT batteries
  • Can produce excellent power
  • Provides a comfortable grip
  • 20 times brighter LED with a 20-minute shutoff function
  • 3 adjustable speed settings
  • Can connect to Tool Connect Site Manager app via a pocket chip
  • Battery sold separately
  • Charger sold separately
  • Heavy compared to other tools

Dewalt DCK2100P2 Review

The next product that we are going to review in the battle between Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 vs DCK2100P2 is the latter. So, much like the Dewalt DCK2100D1T1, you will also find a variety of features in this hammer drill. Let’s talk about some of the most notable features that this hammer drill has to offer.

First of all, this 12-pound cordless hammer drill has excellent versatility. It offers as many as 3-speed settings that you can easily adjust, depending on what kind of work that you are trying to do. On top of that, this hammer drill can also prevent over-tightening fasteners with the help of its added control in the speed 1 setting.

Second of all, this hammer drill offers perfect visibility. Why? Well, simply because of the 3 LED lights that you will find on the DCK2100P2. These LED lights will help you do your work in dark spaces without having to worry about shadows at all.

Next, this hammer drill also uses the DCB1106 6 Amp Charger, which is compatible with any FLEXVOLT and 20V MAX battery. You will also be glad to know that this tool is compatible with the Tool Connect Site Manager app, which allows you to manage your job site properly.

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Dewalt DCK2100P2 Pros & Cons

  • Offers as many as 3 adjustable speed settings
  • Prevents over-tightening fasteners thanks to the added control
  • Provides visibility without creating shadows
  • Compatible with any FLEXVOLT and 20V MAX battery
  • Compatible with the Tool Connect Site Manager app
  • Light design
  • The driver speed might be difficult to control
  • The batteries are pretty heavy

Which is Better, Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 or Dewalt DCK2100P2?

So, it all comes down to which one is better between the Dewalt DCK2100 and the Dewalt DCK2100P2. And the answer to that question also depends on what you are looking for in a hammer drill.

If you want a slightly lighter hammer drill, the Dewalt DCK2100P2 is the perfect choice for you. However, if you want a heavy-duty hammer drill that will help you get the job done, the Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 can also be a great choice.

So, which one are you going to buy between the Dewalt DCK2100D1T1 vs DCK200P2?