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Dewalt DCG413B vs Dewalt DCG416B Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

This reading will discuss Dewalt DCG413B vs Dewalt DCG416B. By getting enough information, you can get the necessary information. So, we know how important the tool is for carpenters or woodworking enthusiasts.

Choosing the ideal grinder sometimes can be confusing. Then, you can keep the perfect one for the long term.

Dewalt DCG413B Review

DEWALT DCG413B is an angle grinder. The size may be smaller than the other models. It is 12,2×4,7×6 inches and has a weight of only 3,75 pounds.

It has a brake that can stop the wheel in 2 seconds or even less. The model also offers you a brushless motor. Thus, you do not change the brush.

The comparison between Dewalt DCG413B vs Dewalt DCG416B informs in short. The design is similar to other models with a brushless motor and blade brake.

The kickback brake works well once a pinch, stall, or bind-up event can detect it. Additionally, the electronic brake can operate with maximum force. Then, the wheel can quickly stop.

The metal grinder gets movement reduction and shuts them off. The tool also has two stages. It enables users to take two actions to activate this drill.

The tool gets the new touches. It gives some benefits to users while using the drill. Besides, they can control the machine more easily.

From here, we know the features help users with more efficient work. If you want to replace the components inside, you can do it at ease. Considering these benefits, you have better choose it.

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Dewalt DCG413B Pros and Cons

  • Offer a lightweight design with a 9,000 RPM motor.
  • Features with a blade brake.
  • The battery life is longer and provides long performance.
  • Available to use a brushless motor.
  • The charger is excluded.
  • Requires changing the batteries constantly.

Dewalt DCG416B Review

This tool is one of the most searched angle grinders. It offers power up to 54% paired with the FLEXVOLT batteries. Thus, the combination is recommended to get maximum performance.

As mentioned earlier about Dewalt DCG413B vs Dewalt DCG416B, the DCG416B is compatible with all FLEXVOLT batteries. It also best fits with all DEWALT 20V MAX. Because of this reason, the product is advisable for advanced work.

Like the previous model, it also offers a kickback brake. The product engages with a maximum force. So, it can stop the wheel quickly.

Additionally, the grinder can shut off automatically once the binding up occurs. This detail makes the products chosen more than others.

The product provides an E-Clutch that can turn off the motor. Under the tenth second, it will shut down the DEWALT motor. However, make sure that a pinch or stall is detectable.

Aside from that, there is also E-Switch protection. It helps to switch the trigger and be cycled. So, it can turn off and on once a power outage unexpectedly shuts down.

This sudden off may happen to other events, like restarting the product. It is one of the reasons why it is ideal for long work. Select this product for a long period.

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Dewalt DCG416B Pros and Cons

  • Complete with a kickback brake with maximum force and effort.
  • Compatible with DEWALT 20V MAX and paired with the FLEXVOLT batteries.
  • Rapid Power Consumption because it has a powerful motor and fast work.

Which is Better, Dewalt DCG413B or Dewalt DCG416B?

Both are the best tool for angle grinders. You can find each on the market without difficulties. While you are searching, you had better learn a few things about them.

All the above points narrow down your choices on the specific product. Although you have to compare Dewalt DCG413B vs Dewalt DCG416B, you have to select based on your needs.