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Dewalt DCD996B vs Dewalt DCD999B Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

When it comes to hammer drills, we all know that the ultimate battle comes down to Dewalt DCD996B vs DCD999B.

However, which one will fulfill all of your needs in terms of hammer drill?

Here is a complete review of two of the best hammer drills to help you decide.

Dewalt DCD996B Review

The first reliable hammer drill we recommend is Dewalt DCD996B, which is a powerful and efficient tool for all of your drilling needs. This cordless hammer drill is equipped with a nitro-carburized metal chuck that can help you drill even the hardest surfaces. On top of that, the carbide inserts on this tool allow you to have an excellent grip on it.

Aside from its incredible heavy-duty metal chuck, you will also love that this tool has a brushless motor that ensures high efficiency. The Dewalt DCD996B can deliver as much as 75% more runtime, which is quite impressive for a hammer drill.

You can also happily rely on the 3-mode LED that will provide excellent light in confined or dark spaces. As you will see, the lights are 20 times brighter than previous models that this brand has released in the past. You can even find the LED Spotlight Mode that has a 20-minute shutoff function, allowing you to use this tool for a long period while you work.

The Dewalt DCD996B is also very compact, measuring 8.4” long and 4.7 lbs. Despite how compact it is, this tool is still very powerful and durable at the same time.

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Dewalt DCD996B Pros and Cons

  • Has a fast speed at 250 BPM and 2,250 RPM
  • Can provide 2.8 times more runtime
  • Has a powerful brushless motor with 820 UWO
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Impressive durability
  • Battery sold separately
  • Charger sold separately
  • Heavier compared to its competitors

Dewalt DCD999B Review

The next option that we are going to talk about in this Dewalt DCD996B vs DCD999B review is the latter. This 20V hammer drill can provide as much as 42% more power if you pair it with FLEXVOLT batteries, which allow you to have one of the most powerful hammer drills you can think of.

Of course, this 6 lbs hammer drill is also cordless, allowing you to use it anywhere without having to worry about plugging it in somewhere. One of the best features that you will find in this hammer drill is its incredible heavy-duty metal chuck equipped with carbide inserts. The nitro-carburized chuck allows for superior gripping strength, allowing you to work on anything without any problem at all.

Just like the Dewalt DCD999B, this hammer drill is also equipped with excellent 3-mode LED lights. These lights are 20 times brighter, allowing you to see very clearly, even in the most confined and dark spaces. You will also be able to work a long time using the LED, all thanks to the Spotlight mode that features a 20-minute shutoff function.

This tool has a 3-speed transmission that you can easily adjust. You will also be able to connect the tool with the Tool Connect Site Manager app using a chip pocket, allowing you to easily manage your asset on the job site.

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Dewalt DCD999B Pros and Cons

  • Has great power
  • Compatible with FLEXVOLT batteries
  • Allows for an excellent grip
  • Equipped with 20 times brighter LED lights
  • Has adjustable 3-speed transmission
  • Can connect to the Tool Connect Site Manager app via a pocket chip
  • Heavy compared to its competitors
  • Makes a lot of noise

Which is Better, Dewalt DCD996B or Dewalt DCD999B?

So, here comes the ultimate question: which one is better compared to the other one?

Well, the ultimate answer depends on what you prefer. You should also consider what you are specifically looking for in a hammer drill.

If you prefer a lighter and more compact hammer drill, you might want to think about choosing the DCD996B. If you prefer a heavy-duty and powerful tool, the Dewalt DCD999B might be the perfect choice for you. And that is all you need to know about Dewalt DCD996B vs DCD999B.